A Giveaway Announcement…and a few things more!

    Hi again!
    So last post I announced that “Beautiful Things” was going to have some awesome things happening.  Well, that’s true.  The first awesome thing I announced was that…
    1. I’m publishing a book May 28th!
  The second “awesome” thing is –
   2. “Beautiful Things” is having a giveaway in honor of my upcoming book publication!
     That’s right!  We’re having a giveaway!  I’m not going to give too many details yet, because the official “giveaway” doesn’t start until, Wednesday, May 23.  I’m going to say though that there is going to be a really cool prize!
  3. “Beautiful Things” is going to have a pre-publication party.
       Some of you may be wondering – What is a “pre-publication party anyway?” Well, a pre-publication party is something I made up myself.  It’s going to be a short amount of time where I share about my book.  Not loads of details about the story, but just enough to get you excited. (It’s a short story, so I can only share so much without giving it all away.)  🙂  
   Formal Details about the Party:

When:  May 23rd—-to May 28th.

What It Is: A party to celebrate my “almost” published book. I’m going to reveal the book cover, give you a few story facts, name the characters, and post a few snippets of the story.

Giveaway: The giveaway starts May the 23rd and ends May 28th


Although the giveaway doesn’t formally start until the 23rd, I’m going to go over the rules for entering the giveaway real quick so you’ll know what to expect. 
    Rules: (You must be or do the following to enter the giveaway)

   1. If you are under 18, please get your parents permission to enter this giveaway.  I will need the winner’s address to send them their prize.   

2. You must be a subscriber to the “Beautiful Things” blog.  You can subscribe by going to the blog page and joining our mailing list. 

 3. You must be willing to leave at least one comment on a “pre-publication party” blog post throughout the 23nd-28th.  

On May 28th I’ll pick one special winner!
Well, that’s all for today…Until the PARTY!

​~ Laura ~

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