Day 2 "Meet the Main Character"

Day 2

Meet the Main Character from:

“Even in the Grey”

Hi Everyone! Day 2 of the “pre-publication” party! I hope you enjoyed yesterday’s post. For everyone that might not have heard about the neat giveaway, I’m hosting, feel free to check out yesterday’s post so you can read about it and enter the raffle!

So, according to the schedule, today is the day you get to hear a little bit about the main character. Let’s get started.

Characters Name:

– Daniel Rogers

Description of Character:

– Age: 22

– He is an American soldier.

– Home-state is Vermont.

– Physical Description: 5’11”, slender build yet strong, thick light brown hair and brown eyes.

Daniel is rather impatient. He tends to hold grudges and doesn’t easily forgive. He doesn’t particularly like telling other people about himself, and it takes a special person to get him to open up.

– Daniel is a grieving young man. Painful circumstances have made him bitter and cold towards others and to the world around him.

– Even during personal struggles, Daniel is brave, thoughtful, and kind.

Well, that’s all for today! I wanted to keep writing down more of Daniel’s characteristics, but I don’t want to give away too much of the story!

Stayed tuned for tomorrow’s post!