Day 3 "Meet the Secondary Character"

~ Day 2 ~

Meet the Secondary Character from:

“Even in the Grey”

Hi again Everyone! Day 3 of the “pre-publication” party! I hope you enjoyed yesterday’s post. Today, you get to hear a little bit about the secondary character. Let’s get started.

Characters Name:

– Claire Duval

Description of Character:

– Age: 17

– She’s a French refugee

– She is a wonderful artist

– Physical Description: 5’1”, petite build, dark hair and dark eyes. She is very pretty.

– Claire is sweet and patient. She doesn’t anger easily and usually keeps calm even in difficult situations.

– Even though Claire has experienced great hardships, she has put her painful past behind her and now can help others through their own struggles.

– She has great compassion for unlikely people and bravely helps those in need.

That’s all for today!

Stayed tuned for tomorrow’s post.

~ Laura ~