Day 4

Day 4

“A Few Snippets of the Story”

Hi everyone! Here are three snippets from “Even in the Grey!”

Snippet 1 –

…Daniel gently took the tablet and opened it again. Before him lay a pencil sketch of a quaint French cottage, nestled in a picturesque valley. A juniper tree stood near the house, and two children frolicked in its cool shadow. A mother and a father sat on a picnic blanket nearby, holding hands and watching the children. Just looking at the picture made Daniel wish he could step through the pencil sketch and into the happy scene…

Snippet 2 –

Please! Daniel begged. “He’s my little brother…he’s the only family I have left!”

The man’s eyes moved towards the wounded soldier moaning on the ground for a second, then he turned and walked away…

Snippet 3 –

Suddenly, another explosion rocked the ground. Daniel looked up. Balls of fire leapt into the sky, launching twisted pieces of train through the air. Daniel jerked back, covering his head as fragments of metal rained down nearby.

So everyone, after some consideration, I’ve decided to do a different post tomorrow. It’s going to be a short thank you post to the people who’ve helped me with my book.

Stay tuned!