"Memorial Day and Summer Goals"

Hi everyone! Hope everyone had a great Memorial day weekend.

Thoughts from Pre-Publication Party –

I had a blast last week hosting the pre-publication party, and it was fun to see how many people were interested in my first book! A big thank you to all the people who commented, entered the giveaway, and spread the word about my book.

If you missed last week’s post, head on over to the tab at the top of my blog that says my books and check out Even in the Grey! Just finishing one book wants me to get working on the next!! (Hmm, hmm, *clears throat,* hopefully there will be a few posts throughout this summer with a few updates on the writing of my…first…novel!

What I did on Memorial Day –

My family and I, along with some friends, attended a Memorial Day service. After the main service in the cemetery, we always have another short service in a pretty little white church that is no longer in use but opened for special occasions. There is a lot of music and singing!

Every year, some of our family usually does some special music, and this year, I decided to play a violin piece that I had been practicing for a recital.

It’s called Ashokan Farewell, and it is soooo beautiful! It isn’t exactly a “Memorial Day” song, but it’s really emotional sounding and has been played at Civil War reenactments…

Speaking of Civil War, for the last two years, me and my young sister have dressed up in Civil War costumes. They aren’t entirely historically accurate, but they still look like something that may have been worn back in the 1800s.

This year I made bonnets for us…(I’ll be doing a post on how I made them later). They turned out great, and they added so much to our outfits!

It was so fun, because sitting in that old church, dressed up in costumes from another era, seemed to transport me back to another time! My sister and I pretended that everyone else was dressed like that too, and we all were sitting in a church service during the Civil War era. It was great fun!

Me and my sister headed to the Church service

Me in front of an old piano

It was an enjoyable day having both sets of grandparents here and some close friends. We wrapped up the day by watching “Faith of our Fathers.” (Directed by Carey Scott) If you haven’t seen this movie, you must! It has some really funny elements and also some very sad ones.

It was a bit humbling just remembering those who gave their lives to make this country free. As I sit here typing, I marvel at just what freedom means. If men and women hadn’t given their lives for us…we wouldn’t be able to have picnics, or get together with family and friends, or even watch movies! A lot of the time I think we just get wrapped up in all the fun of a holiday, and don’t just take a minute to step away from it all and think about why? Why are we celebrating this holiday?

We must remember the people who made it possible for us to gather together in our churches and worship God without fear of being arrested for what we believe. We must remember the people who gave their lives so we can live…

I also think about the One that gave His life for us all…He gave His life so that we may live forever in His presence. What an amazing God we serve, who gives others the compassion and bravery to lay down their lives for others!

Goals and Summer Plans –

Summer is just around the corner! For most of us that either means we are done with school for the year, or still finishing up some curriculums.

Has anyone started compiling a summer reading list? *don’t tell anyone, but this is the first year I’m organizing one ahead of time.*

I want my Summer to be productive!

I have some fun goals to accomplish and some fun, yet difficult ones too!

Goals –

– Spend time with God each day…

– Finish my novel by the end of the Summer…

– Learn how to drive…

– Read some great books…

– Spend more time with family…

– Take a few minutes everyday to spend time with our one cat that thinks he’s a dog…

– Post every week!

– Get the word out about my blog and book…

– Be a part of a book tour…

– Get more exercise…

– Stay organized…

I mentioned reading some great books…hence the summer reading list…Here are a few titles that I’m going to read!

– Mara, Daughter of the Nile: Eloise McGraw Jarvis.

– Moccasin trail: Eloise McGraw Jarvis

– The Matchlock Gun: Walter Edmonds Dumaux

Sufficient Grace: Jessica Greyson

The Lost Pearle

– The Hidden Hand

– A Question of Loyalty: Jesseca Wheaton. (This book is not available yet, but I’m totally getting it when it comes out!)

– Driver’s Manual…*yep, that counts*.

– Various drafts of my novel

Those are just a few titles. I’m going to try and make myself read more biographies this year…or more nonfictional works. I think it’s time I vary up my reading…although I love historical fiction!

Anyone reading or planning on reading anything interesting this year? Anyone doing any writing? What are a few goals you might have?

Hope everyone has a great rest of their weekend!