"Writing Update"

I just published a book, but I’ve already started on the next one! To be honest, I started writing this new story long before “Even in the Grey” was published, but it wasn’t anywhere near ready to be released to the public.

Though this might seem like an ambitious goal, I want to have the first draft of this new story completed by the end of the summer.

You may have seen the writing projects page of my blog, and the story entitled “To Have the Courage.” That’s the story I’m planning on publishing next. As of now, my WIP is at 10,892 words.

To Have the Courage is different than most of the stories I’ve written. Unlike most of my writing, this book takes place in very early America.

While the Civil War era is my favorite, and I already have made significant progress in a manuscriptset set in that time period, finishing To Have the Courage has become more of a reachable goal.

One problem I have is, while To Have the Courage is based on a true story, much of the information surrounding the real-life characters are sketchy. True accounts I’ve read, differ from one another, so I’ve started to create more of my own story, using the base facts I’ve found in history books.

In the next weeks to come, as I work on To Have the Courage, I’ll try to post a few snippets.

For today, here is one snippet of the story.

…And then he saw it himself—from the woods, two shadows were emerging. Two tall, dark shadows.

Joseph’s face grew white with horror and he sunk to his knees. Isaac gripped the knife in his belt, staring at the shadows that were growing closer, ever closer.

He didn’t have to be told what or who they were. In the last rays of the sun, he could see their glittering tomahawks and painted faces. His heart pounded in his chest and on impulse, he jerked Joseph up onto his feet. He took off across the field towards home, dragging Joseph behind him. The little boy was surprisingly heavy for his size, but even in his dislike for him, he couldn’t let him here alone to face those men…

What do you think? Does this sound like an exciting story?

Here’s my pinterest Board to go along with it!

Other Blog News:

– There are two short stories under my new “short stories” tab.

– I’ve begin to mark on the calender when and what kind of posts will be coming up so take a look. 🙂

– I will be posting Mondays and Saturdays until school starts again in early September. Monday will be a creative post; (crafts, cooking, creativity), and Saturdays will be writing posts. If there is an post-mid-week, that is because it’s something special!

– My blog cards came! I ordered them from Vista Print and they are beautiful!

What do you think? Let me know in the comments. 🙂

Laura G.