~ Vacation Time and a Request! ~

I’m going on vacation!!

And no…no one could pay me to go camping in a tent…I’ve sort of had some interesting tenting experiences. Nothing bad, just not enjoyable. Thankfully, we have a pull behind trailer. (No offense to anyone who likes tent camping 🙂

One of my most favorite things about camping is –

Smores! Guys, these are delicious! Crispy brown marshmallows, melting Chocolate, crunchy graham crackers…if you’ve never had a smore, you have to have one!

Only one thing about this vacation…I’m not really going to be on vacation. I’m going to be going to my first writing conference! It’s not only a writing conference but so much more! I’ll share more next time I post which will be July 16th.

Well that’s all for today!

Do any of you have any vacations you’ve gone on or are going on this year? Please let me know in the comments below!

Oh, by the way. You don’t need to be camping in order to have smores. Pop the marshmallow and chocolate on one piece of graham cracker into the microwave. Be careful that you marshmallow doesn’t grow to big and make a mess everywhere. Take the marshmallow out of the microwave when warm and put the second piece of graham cracker on top! Enjoy!

A Request –

For those that have read my book “Even in the Grey”…would you be willing to leave a review on Amazon? Even if you you didn’t purchase my book but received a free copy for an honest review you can still leave a review on amazon! It would greatly help me if you would.

Also, would you like me to add your blog to my “other blogs page?” Just let me know and I will!


Laura 😃