Lamplighter Guild #2

Lamplighter Guild…

A week of learning how to have excellence in the arts…

Excellence – the quality of being outstanding or extremely good.

That’s what I learned the week of Lamplighter Guild. In whatever we do, from cleaning a bathroom…to writing a book…we need to have excellence…

I’m a post late I know, but I’ll catch up with that by doing an extra post this week. 😀

How these posts are going to work – I’m going to write a short description of the day and some random pictures of the week…since none of the pictures were put in order of the days.


First Day of the Guild

Arrived at Lamplighter Headquarters. Registered and headed to the hotel I’d be staying at.

I met a really nice girl in the room over that was also attending scriptwriting like me! We became fast friends. Sunday was pretty uneventful…although supper was amazing! Salad, fresh caught salmon, and pie for dessert. I met my roommate back at the hotel and we went to bed. Sunday was pretty uneventful.


Second Day of the Guild

“Day of Adjusting”

Monday was probably the hardest day. (Note: Wasn’t even able to grab a coffee! Tragedy.)

The very first thing we did Monday was audition for a short student film. First of all, I was totally confused. I got the film part but didn’t understand the story line in the least. Let’s just say I didn’t quite enjoy that session of the day. It felt extremely awkward…

We went to our first writing session where they split us up into groups. These groups would have to go to ever single dramatic arts class until Thursday afternoon. We went to an acting session next…that was okay, although I knew I wouldn’t be in the sketch/skit if I decided to stick with scriptwriting. After that, we walked back to our scriptwriting class and mapped out an idea for our group’s script. We started discussing it…throwing ideas around…talking about characters. That was really hard. Six different people with six different ideas, and six different personalities. 😉

By bedtime I was ready to sleep…ready to forget the first day. I honestly must say…I was thinking about never coming back! I felt out of place, awkward, and homesick…I was wondering what was next…

Until Wednesday. 😀


Laura 🌸