Echoes of Honor

~Echoes of Honor~ Pt. 3

~ Echoes of Honor ~

Pt. 3

Sophie’s braid was coming undone, loose strands falling in front of her face. For being so little, the baby in her arms seemed heavy. Casting a glance towards her brother who was far ahead she scowled. How on earth with his heavy burden, had Karl moved so fast?

Sophie thought about Wilhelm, the young man they had found lying injured in the alley with the baby. Who was he exactly? The two siblings were supposed to have met him but why? Karl didn’t let on to anyone about resistance business unless they needed to know. In this case, Karl had been very tight lipped about this mysterious meeting. Sophie hadn’t wanted to go, and the others in their group, a boy of seventeen named Philippe Bercier, and a more mature young man named David Cohen, had also argued against her going.

Philippe and David. Two friends yet so unlike one another. There were many times when Sophie wished at least one of them had a sister. She didn’t think it was fair that she had to put up with boys…loud, sometimes argumentative boys.

At least Philippe, the clown of the group, attempted to keep things light when the others got upset. With snapping green eyes and a headful of black hair, Philippe could crack a joke that would make the rats crawling under the table pass out from laughing so hard…Sometimes he was annoying, but for the most part, Philippe was Sophie’s alibi. When the others got mad at her, Philippe defended her in the best way he knew how.

Now handsome David Cohen…Sophie couldn’t understand him. With thick chestnut hair and soft brown eyes, one could imagine him to be a kind hearted, cheerful boy by just glancing at him, but those closest to him knew of the deep pain he carried inside. He was bitter over memories that seemed to haunt him, and although he could have fun at times, there was always a lingering shadow in his eyes as if he appeared to be reliving his past. A past Sophie knew very little about.

Deep down Sophie knew David liked her. He was never overbearing or rude about it, but in his heated arguments with Karl about her safety, Sophie realized he cared for her a great deal. David seemed to want to protect her with everything in him, and while Sophie liked that he was considerate of her feelings, she felt a little overwhelmed at times of his constant reminding her to be careful.

What an interesting set of people that made up their little resistance band…And what about this new boy? What was he like and how would he play into their lives?

The baby in Sophie’s arms wiggled, and she glanced down with a smile. And what about you little one? What’s your name and how am I going to take care of you?

The baby reached out a small fist and grabbed Sophie’s index finger.

I think we’re going to be good friends.

Until Later…

😀 Laura