Back to Schooooollllll!!!

…SO is everyone ready?…

…How many of you have already started?…

…What are you most excited about?…

We start school Tuesday, September 4th. I can’t believe how fast the summer has gone. Wasn’t it only last week that I was getting ready for vacation?

Instead of telling everyone again what I did this summer…(you can look at old posts to see that), I’m going to go over a few bloggish things and a writing update!

I created some of my own blog awards! (Yes, I think that’s allowed.) Beautiful Things is going to start awarding various blogs for things such as:

– Creative Writing

– Interesting topics and pictures

– Blog designs…etc…

I believe doing this will help various bloggers grow their fan base and get more people interested in what they’re blogging about.

Now for a few awards…

~ New Blog Shoutout Award ~

Check out this all new creative blog and be sure to comment. 😀

Let’s encourage new bloggers!


~ Dedicated Blogger Award ~

This one was hard to decide. There are some really awesome bloggers out there, but one in particular showed a lot of dedication and diligence!

Kayley keeps at it! She’s always posting something new. Be sure to check out her website and leave an encouraging comment!

Writing Update:

As many of you know, I’ve been doing a serial story on my blog the past few weeks called “Echoes of Honor.” I’m still planning on keeping up with that because, well…I can’t just leave you all hanging off the edge of your seats. 🙂

I’ve also made some progress on my WIP “To Have the Courage.” While I didn’t get anywhere near finishing the first draft, I’ve been able to complete a couple of chapters which is really satisfying to see.

Before I go, I want to share a few snippets with you. 😀

“He squinted in the grayness and watched as she sat up in her bed of furs, glanced towards her sleeping husband, then quietly stood. From a shelf nearby, she pulled a thick blanket and used it to cover her head and small body like a cloak. Then, silently, she stole from the wigwam, being careful not to step on Isaac who had a hand over his mouth to keep from breathing too hard.”

“He watched as she laid aside the picture and took up the black book, running her fingers over the cover. She finally opened it and began flipping through the thin pages, stopping when her eyes found the place she had turned too.

“The pain was still too fresh. Although it had happened when he was eleven-years-old, Isaac couldn’t talk about it because it hurt too much. He had lost his father…his best friend on earth.”

“Isaac tensed, meeting Akando’s gaze. He would not let this man see he was afraid. He’d show him he had courage. Akando only seemed to think Isaac’s manly stare was something to laugh at as he gripped the handle of his tomahawk.”

Hope you enjoyed today’s post!


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Thank you!