It's On Fire! "Lit Aflame"

Hi Everyone!

Today I’m here to help Julia from Lit Aflame celebrate her new blog launch!

Welcome Julia!

About Lit Aflame: Julia’s Post

Are you alive?

Alright fine, that answer should go without being said. The thing is, everyone living has a life, how that life is lived. . . well that is up to them.

How do YOU want to live your life?

Do you want to keep going in this rut of . . . nothingness? OR do you want your life to have meaning? Want to make a difference in this world?

Do you want to live a life actually worth living?

That is what Lit Aflame is here for, to be a source of encouragement and inspiration.

Lit Aflame is here to remind folks that we have an ALMIGHTY God on our side! And HE that is within us is greater than those that are in the world!

Lit Aflame’s Purpose:

~ To remind Christians that HE who is in them is GREATER than they who be in the world

~ To help others to draw closer to Jesus and to walk in the right way

~ To point others to Christ

~ To inspire and equip you to stand up for what is right

~ To inform of the TRUTH

~ To encourage the weary

~ To find light in the darkest storms

~ To bring glory to my Savior in ALL things

Words from ME(aka Julia):

I am on a quest. Or that is, I was. That’s right, I was on a quest, though it wasn’t the dragon slaying sort (I prefer to ride them). But it was a very important quest nonetheless!

My poor young self of a few months ago started a free blog, to make sure I wanted to actually do this blogging thing. Turns out, I LOVE blogging, so then the time came to pull out the matches, scoop the Ice-cream, and get serious about blogging!

Why am I bothering you about this? Don’t you have much better things to do than have your precious time wasted by me? Uh, well, yeah, literally anything would probably be more worth your time than reading this — but let’s be honest here, you would much rather waste your time listening to me talk than do anything productive, right? (no? Just me?) ANYWAY the thing is I AM BUILDING AN EMPIRE!

*cough* I mean, I’m launching my “official” blog…Obviously…

And I have just come back from my quest of gathering a group of wonderful bloggers to help make the launch special (one of which you are reading this at now).

Again, why am I bothering you?

Because celebration! I mean come on! You can’t launch anything without having a party, right? So here at Lit Aflame we are having a week long celebration and if I do say so myself, it’s purty awesome. Because, guys, there’s a giveaway! I LOVE giveaways! Nearly as much as I love Ice cream. The only sad thing is… I can’t enter my own giveaway, the good thing? YOU can!


Plus a post every day this whole week!

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Jump on over and explore Lit Aflame!

“Living Lit Aflame for Christ…!” (Julia)

Thanks so much Julia for letting me be apart of your blog tour! Many blessings as your continue on your blogging journey!!

Laura 🙂