Echoes of Honor

~Echoes of Honor~ Pt. 5

Echoes of Honor Pt. 5

One loud tap…Several seconds…

Sophie sat up fast, slamming her head against a low shelf built over her bed. She was tangled up in her worn quilt, and her eyes were heavy as she tumbled out of bed.

Glancing at the pipes overhead, Sophie waited. This was their signal. Mrs. Grey, the lady that lived on the top level of the house, had little interaction with the resistance group, yet she did have one critical job. If for some reason danger threatened the group below, Mrs. Grey would run to her kitchen and bang on a pipe that ran down into the basement. The signal was one loud tap, and then two smaller quick taps several moments later.

Sophie waited. Two more taps, quieter than the first…

They were in danger…

“Karl!” Sophie called as loud as she dared, parting the curtain that led to the other room. “Karl, the signal!”

Her brother was already sitting up in bed, his hair standing up in peaks. “You sure Sophie?”

“I heard the signal, Karl! We have to get out of here.” Running back to the kitchen, Sophie wrapped the baby up in her shawl and held her close. Please…Please keep the baby sleeping. Sophie whispered.

Back out in the main room, the boys were throwing thick paper leaflets in a satchel.

“I knew it! That boy would cause trouble.” David said loud enough for all to hear.

“None of us know what Mrs. Grey saw.” Karl said. “It could be something, and it could be nothing.”

David ignored him with an icy stare and kept packing the rest of the leaflets.

Karl went over to where Wilhelm lay and felt for his pulse. Then, as gently as he could, he lifted the young man and slung him over his shoulder.

“Everyone ready?” He asked.

Sophie swallowed hard…What if they got caught?

It’s a shorter part this week…Keeps everyone in suspense…😀

Laura G.