Hey everyone! I’m here with a quick post today. I know I haven’t done a story part with Sophie in awhile, but I’m currently working on another story at the moment…DO not fear…Sophie will hopefully return next week…

You may be wondering at the interesting title to this post…What writer tells people to stop editing their work…?

This post is especially for writer’s who have the habit of trying to edit their story while they write it…


Don’t get me wrong!

A few basic edits like spell check and punctuation are perfectly acceptable. It’s only when you get into the nitty gritty, and start tearing your story to bits before you even write it that you run into trouble.

Editing while you write the first draft may work for some people…(personally, I’ve never known any and don’t think they exist), but I guess they are out there somewhere.

I want to warn against it because of two reasons.

1. Editing while you write, takes your focus of writing the story and into the realm of “editor’s world.”

2. Editing is…shall we say…(uninspiring at times.) When your so concerned about editing, you start losing inspiration for your work and start panicking to get your story “just right.” (Believe me! It has happened to me again and again.)

I would like to do a writing series soon, possibly next month, where I discuss different ways to make your writing time more beneficial!

For now, here are some great quotes I found on Pinterest!


😀See you next time! Let me know what you think of a blog series about writing!