Echoes of Honor

Echoes of Honor Pt. 9


Karl threw down his leather shoe, biting the end of his index finger. Sewing—One thing he despised. He was a resistance leader and a cobbler all at once.

The little red mark on his finger quickly faded and he picked up the shoe.  Why did he have to wear holes in them so quickly anyway?

Laughing caught his attention.  On the other side of the room, Sophie and Philippe sat across from each other at the table, Sophie’s pocket Bible between them.  

Petr sat on the edge of the table munching a cookie and looking back and forth between Philippe and Sophie with a contented smile.  The boy had pulled out of his shell in the last few days and so had Sophie. She didn’t seem so unsure of herself anymore.

Karl jerked the thick thread through the sole of his shoe.  It had to do with that Bible. Philippe and Sophie kept reading it and talking about it.

Karl wasn’t the only one affected. David was sullen and very unlike himself.  Wilhelm, too weak to do more than sleep only watched the Bible studies with quiet interest.  The young German man hadn’t said anything much since the day he had tried to get out of bed. Karl knew he was suffering his pain in silence and it made him want to rip apart the hideout.

Why was it always the innocent people that got hurt?  Despite David’s suspicions, Karl knew Wilhelm was no German that associated with the Fuhrer and his men.  The look it his eyes told Karl so. Wilhelm was a freedom fighter, just like him. If only the young man was strong enough to tell everyone why on earth he was here.

Karl ground his teeth together, something that was becoming a habit when he thought to hard.

Would this madness ever end?  The war was slowing ticking by with no sight in end, and here they were, cramped up in this damp and dingy hole far away from civilization.

Karl wanted to do something—He wanted to get out and fight the Fuhrer.  He glanced at his sister who leaned across the table to point something on to Philippe in the Bible.

That Bible—God—Didn’t Sophie realize that He never helped anyone?  

Giving up on the shoe, Karl leaned back on his chair.  God hadn’t helped his dreams come true no matter how hard he had prayed.

In school, Karl had been at the top of his class.  He wanted to be a doctor and he studied every book he could get his hands on about the medical field.  When he graduated he had been accepted into one of Germany’s most prestigious schools. He had had dreams—plans for the future that God would surely honor.  

Then it had all fallen apart.  Their parents had been executed merely because they didn’t agree with the Fuhrer’s plans for Germany.

Because of his parent’s reputation, Karl had been expelled from school.  Sophie hadn’t even gotten a chance to graduated yet.

They were forced underground because of one man’s ideas.

When Karl found out about a group of men and women who resisted the Fuhrer’s ideas his heart flamed.  There was something he could do to get back at the Fuhrer for everything the dictator had done to ruin he and his sister’s lives.

He didn’t need God.  All he needed was himself and a strong force behind him to complete his mission.



She couldn’t understand.  If God was supposed to be loving why was the world breaking around them?  

Philippe seemed to have answers to every question.  There was a surety about him that Sophie had never realized.  How did he know so much about the Bible?


He looked up from the Bible.  “Yeah?”

“This Bible stuff,  it feels like you’ve known it all your life.” She didn’t miss the shadowed look that filled his eyes.  Were those tears?

“I have known it all my life.” He glanced over at the other boys.  He didn’t look ashamed, only unsure. “My father taught me. He and my mother always read from the Bible before I went to sleep.”

“I didn’t know.” Sophie closed the Bible and leaned forward.

“It’s hard to talk about them.”

Philippe, like the rest of them had a hidden story.

“They’re still alive Sophie.  They’re in hiding.”

Her heart leapt for him.  At least he had that hope to hang onto.  “Where?”

“I can’t say.  I haven’t seen them since last year when we went into Berlin.”

“They’re in Berlin?”

Philippe looked over at the others again.  “Shh. I don’t really want the others to know.  It wouldn’t be fair to talk about my family in front of them.  My father and mother work in the factories.”

“Do you have sisters, brothers?” Sophie looked at him expectantly, surely he had a sister or two.

“I have an older sister Marie.  She’s your age.”

“I wish I could meet her.”

“Oh, she’s annoying like every other sister but we were best friends.”

Sophie rolled her eyes.  Philippe just had to find something funny to say.

“What if you could see them Philippe?” Sophie was forming a plan in her head.  They had to go to the outskirts of Berlin every year to meet with other resistance leaders.  What if Philippe could sneak off and see his family?

“Now Sophie—”

“I’m serious Philippe!  I could talk to Karl and—”

“No Sophie.” Philippe lowered his voice.  “As much as I want to see my family, I couldn’t put you all in danger.  The Fuhrer seems to be stepping up patrols along the roads.”

As if wanting to end this conversation before it went into dangerous territory and ended up in an argument, Philippe stood up and went to the other room.

This wasn’t fair.  Philippe needed to see his family.  Sophie had seen the look in his eyes.  A plan was starting to form in her head.



It wasn’t from weakness that he was keeping silent.  It was because of that David character. Who did he think he was?  

Time was slipping away.  If only he could catch everyone but David by themselves so he could lay out the plans.  There was something about David that bothered him. Was it the shady look in his eyes, or the way he was obviously sweet on the young woman Sophie?

Wilhelm thought it was disgusting.  Who had time for romance when the world was falling apart?

This was no place for a girl—Hiding out in this shack.  She needed to be with other women, not stuck with a bunch of guys who didn’t know how to react to a female’s emotions—This girl Sophie was always tearing up about something—Girls.


Wilhelm groaned.  Why did the kid have to show up here and why did he have to recognize him?  No one could know they were brothers. It would put Petr’s life in grave danger.

Wilhelm sank back farther on the bed.  No one could ever find out who he actually was either—Being distantly related to an evil dictator would get him thrown out of here before he could utter an explanation.

He just needed David out of here so he could lay out his plan without interruptions and suspicious glances.

Hope you enjoyed!

~ Laura 😀