Writing Well Series – Pt. 1 “Not All Writing is the Same”

Hi, all! Hope you all are having a great week so far. Today, I'm going to be talking about how some people mistakenly clump all kinds of writing into one category…plain old writing. They think that school reports, note-taking, journaling, and story/novel creation are somehow the same. To me, none of these are the same.… Continue reading Writing Well Series – Pt. 1 “Not All Writing is the Same”



Last weekend, we got nine inches of snow! It was beautiful! Although it was fun to see, the snow came along with lots of slippy road conditions. Our Church services were cancelled on Sunday, leaving us at home. Sunday morning was nice. Our family enjoyed sitting in the living room with cups of something warm… Continue reading Snow!

Echoes of Honor

Echoes of Honor Pt. 10

Hi, all! Back with another installment of Echoes of Honor. If you missed the last installment, you can read it by going to the home page of this blog and locating Echoes of Honor Pt. 9! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ~ SOPHIE ~ "You seriously want us to babysit kids!" Sophie could have laughed at the look on… Continue reading Echoes of Honor Pt. 10