Writing Update!

With a new blog, comes a new writing update.

What I’m currently working on and have been for over a year and a half. A Novel called, “To Have the Courage.”

Frightened and alone…wondering if God has completely abandoned him…young Isaac Bradley, a captive to the people that took the most important person in his life, faces a perilous journey that tests not only his struggling faith…but his courage.
(Based on a true story!)

I don’t have an actual cover for it yet, but the picture above will do for now.

Below is a portion of a scene I’ve already written. Hope you enjoy!

…And then he saw it himself—from the woods, two shadows were emerging. Two tall, dark shadows.

Joseph’s face grew white with horror and he sunk to his knees. Isaac gripped the knife in his belt, staring at the shadows that were growing closer, ever closer.

He didn’t have to be told what or who they were. In the last rays of the sun, he could see their glittering tomahawks and painted faces. His heart pounded in his chest and on impulse, he jerked Joseph up onto his feet. He took off across the field towards home, dragging Joseph behind him. The little boy was surprisingly heavy for his size, but even in his dislike for him, he couldn’t let him here alone to face those men…

Does that sound interesting? Let me know in the comments below!

~ Laura 😀

16 thoughts on “Writing Update!”

      1. My pleasure!

        I WON! I GOT FIRST PLACE! I GOT $500, AND FOX NEWS WANTS TO INTERVIEW ME!!!! I can’t believe it! It’s crazy! The Lord helped me a lot! Plus, I had the opportunity to share about Him when I was on stage!

    1. I know! Thanks!! I will talk about it. If there’s a link I can get, I’ll post that too!

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