Writing Well Series – Pt. 1 “Not All Writing is the Same”

Hi, all! Hope you all are having a great week so far.

Today, I’m going to be talking about how some people mistakenly clump all kinds of writing into one category…plain old writing. They think that school reports, note-taking, journaling, and story/novel creation are somehow the same.

To me, none of these are the same. They may all be some form of writing, but each of these actions is in separate category all their own!

I’m still developing this idea, so what I have to say is a little rough.

  1. Written school reports/or other types of written reports – These are most commonly filled with information such as evidence, or research for or on a particular topic. This type of writing is used to inform others of facts!
  2. Note taking – People take notes so they can remember things. Hand-written or typed notes aren’t typically shared with others.
  3. Journaling – Writings that are usually private, such as thoughts, feelings, or emotions. These are not typically shared with anyone either.
  4. Fictional Story/Novel Creation – Written works that are developed over time with much thought and mental energy. While we could go into a broader range of different genres, I want to focus on fictional writing.

Fiction – Something invented by the imagination or feigned.
(Specifically: an invented story.) Merriam Webster’s Dictionary

Unlike reports, note taking, and journaling, fictional writing is not usually based on actual facts. It is a made up story; something we created, in a world that we imagined. This is different than a report. Although there may be things that are real, such as physical objects such as cars, houses, or people in the written work, the story is something we came up with.


Yes, I know that there is a genre called Historical Fiction, but even this is in a different category than fictional writing.

Historical Fiction, in my opinion, is usually a work of fiction set in a historical background. The fictional hero or heroine, will usually encounter historical figures, places, and events throughout the story, so it will feel more life-like for the reader.

Authors frequently take some liberties with the historical facts, which I believe is perfectly acceptable, and sometimes needed, as long as nothing is dramatically changed…Such as, Abraham Lincoln never died, the Revolutionary War never happened…etc…

Summing it all up!

As you finish reading this post, I hope you will think about what I wrote. Not all writing is the same!

If you have any questions, please comment below!

~ Laura

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