Writing Well Pt. 5 "Looking Towards Your Writing Future" This week I made a decision based off a few things I've been considering for quite a while. I decided to step away from my writing. Don't panic…I am still writing but not as much, and I will still be keeping up with my blog. Why… Continue reading

Echoes of Honor

Echoes of Honor Pt. 15 <\/><\/><\/><\/><\/><\/><\/> "I'm getting really tired of being left behind." Sophie ran fingers through her black hair. She had decided not to braid it today…It just took too long. "Why did Karl and Wilhelm tell us to stay here? I thought we were supposed to rescue kids." "We're not always left… Continue reading


Writing Well Series Pt. 4 When You're Facing Critique Has this ever happened to you, you just finished your first draft, and your excitement is through the roof? You can't wait to show your family and friends. You know they are going to be impressed by your writing. You send printed copies or send google… Continue reading

blog tour

~ Live Without You Book Review ~ I'm here to introduce you to a new book hot off the press! ~ Book Summary ~ Piper Redding is a loner, but lonely. Everyone she loves has abandoned her and opening her heart to others is just asking for more pain. She can’t help but blame herself… Continue reading


Writing Well Pt. 3 <.<.<.<.<.<.<.<.<.<.<.<.<.<.<.<.<.<.<.<.<.<.<.<.<.<.<.<.<.<.<.<.<.<.<.<.<.<.<.<. Today, I'm going to move out of the realm of novel/story writing and focus on other types of writing such as blogs, emails, and social media. Guys, and Gals, we need to be extremely careful of what we're putting out there on our blogs, social media, and even our emails.… Continue reading