Echoes of Honor

Echoes of Honor Pt. 15


“I’m getting really tired of being left behind.” Sophie ran fingers through her black hair. She had decided not to braid it today…It just took too long. “Why did Karl and Wilhelm tell us to stay here? I thought we were supposed to rescue kids.”

“We’re not always left behind.” Philippe looked like he was having trouble keeping his tall frame scrunched down on the car floor as he replied. “Besides, Karl told you he needs to find safe hiding places before it gets light out. The soldiers will start beating down the doors at dawn.” Philippe said the last part with disgust.

“It’s not fair. We want to be a part of the rescue.” Sophie huffed, then pushed Petr away when he kept pulling her hair and giggling. “Stop it, Petr!”

Petr plopped back down on the car floor, playing with the handful of smooth stones he always carried with him.

“We’ll get to be a part of it soon enough. Just be patient.”

Sophie was tired of being patient. She had sat, or more like rolled around in the car for several hours, as Karl drove like a maniac towards Berlin. There was even a bruise on her arm from where Petr had fallen and pinned her arm to the car door.

Sophie sighed. Getting upset about the lack of confidence her brother and Wilhelm had about them would only make her more upset. Instead, she got on her knees and slowly peeped out the window.

“There’s no one out there.”

“Karl parked us safely in this alley so we’ll be less noticeable when we make our getaway.” Philippe wiped the trickle of sweat rolling down his face.

Sophie sat back down, playing with the buttons on her blouse. “You got a plan for rescuing Marie?”

“Stay out of it Sophie. It’s too dangerous.”

“Great, another thing I don’t get to be involved in.” She kicked the door. “I’m sick of everyone keeping stuff from me.”


She ignored Philippe. “Karl is so sullen and silent, Wilhelm treats me like a little kid, and you—were supposed to be the ones that work together when the others won’t let us into their plans.”

“I think you’re over-reacting,” Philippe said bluntly. “You better be quiet, or someone will hear you.

“‘Ophie, when will Woo-him be back? I’s hungry.” Petr rubbed his belly.

“We aren’t going to eat for awhile Petr. Just crawl under your blanket and go back to sleep. It’s very early.” Sophie watched his upper lids droop.

“I’s not tired.” Petr insisted.

Sophie pulled him onto her lap and covered him with the blanket. “Here are your stones,” she handed him the little pebbles. “Now close your eyes.”

How many years would pass before someone would surrender? How many more little boys like Petr would have to suffer?

Sophie felt like her whole life had been war. She was tired of running and feeling afraid.

She had thought that the Echoes of Honor operation would have been her chance to get to do something to counteract the evil pressing in around them.

Karl and Wilhelm were keeping information back from Philippe and her…She knew it. Why couldn’t they both realize that she and Philippe weren’t children?

If only she could prove herself to them. Everyone must still think she was afraid, but she wasn’t! She wanted to help.


“Karl, let’s get back to the others.” Wilhelm pushed Karl around the corner. “How many soldiers did you see?”

Karl followed Wilhelm into the dark alley. “About a dozen in the street, and more arriving every minute.”

“Why do they need so many men?” Wilhelm asked.

“Who knows. The Führer likes to show off.”

The boys slipped through the streets of Berlin, finally arriving at the car as dawn broke.

“Sophie?” Karl opened the car door slowly, glancing around. “Time to go.”

“Really?” She climbed out of the car, not meeting her brother’s gaze. “I’m getting tired of this Karl. I usually think you’re pretty level-headed, but I wish you’d stop treating Philippe and me like kids.”

Karl rolled his eyes. “Not this again, Sophie.” He gave a hand up to Philippe who was unsteady on his feet. “Wilhelm and I don’t think you’re kids.”

Petr crawled out of the car and grabbed Sophie’s skirt. “Where are we’s going ‘Ophie? Will we see soldiers?” His lips trembled. “I don’t want to sees soldiers.”

“We’re going on a little adventure. Don’t worry, those soldiers won’t hurt you.” She smiled at him and took his hand. “Now you have to be quiet and do exactly what I say. All you have to do is play a little game and stay hidden until I find you, alright? Like Hide-and-Seek.”

Petr nodded. “Like Hide-and-Seek.”

Wilhelm felt a smile tug at his lips.

Sophie was great with kids. She was the perfect person to take care of the soon-to-be rescued children before they were taken to farms in the country.

Her gentle, nurturing nature would make her a great mother…

Wilhelm bit his lip. That was too far in the future to think about now.

“You alright?” Sophie asked him. “You’re staring at me. What’s wrong?”

Wilhelm shook his head, feeling the heat of embarrassment on his face. “Uh—No, nothing’s wrong. I wasn’t staring at you.”

“Your face is red, and yes, you were staring at me.”

“Stop it with that mushy stuff,” Philippe said. “We know you guys are sweet on each other but don’t make the rest of us sick.”

Sophie was relieved Philippe was being annoying, but she felt herself blush as well.

“We aren’t sweet on—Oh, never mind Phillipe.” Sophie turned.

Wilhelm wanted to slug Philippe. It was always hard talking to Sophie. He wasn’t like her. She was soft-spoken, well-mannered, and seemed to have a God that she trusted in explicitly. From what Karl had told him, Sophie had gone from a scared girl to a confident young woman.

Wilhelm wished he could believe in God, but He didn’t seem to be interested in his life.

Wilhelm could remember all the times when he had sobbed his heart out, begging God to help him, to let him know that everything would be okay…Nothing would ever be okay again.

“Wilhelm,” Sophie said from behind him. “Are you alright?”

“No Sophie, but who is these days?”


Sorry guys…end of Pt. 15, and no, I couldn’t come up with a title for this Pt. If you have any ideas for a title, let me know in the comments!

~ Laura

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  1. I feel for Sophie. Karl should just explain why he can’t tell her anything or if he is just treating her like a kid, he should stop!

    Anywho, great as always! Can’t wait until the next one!

    As for a title…I’m not Afraid Anymore.

  2. Laura, my dear–Well done! Really pulled me right in!  Sounds like a wonderful love story as well as an adventure…  XXOO

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