Writing Well Pt. 5 “Looking Towards Your Writing Future”

This week I made a decision based off a few things I’ve been considering for quite a while.

I decided to step away from my writing.

Don’t panic…I am still writing but not as much, and I will still be keeping up with my blog.

Why would I do such a crazy thing?

I started acting like writing was my job and that if I didn’t get it done every day, I’d be in trouble. With who you might ask?…With a person called self.

I got myself so stressed out about writing that it wasn’t even fun for me anymore. I slogged through whatever writing time I had during the day and was unsatisfied with my work.

I kept telling myself, “tomorrow is when I’ll start the reeeeal writing.”

I never did. The more I tried to plan out my writing time during the day; I had less time to write and just got more stressed.

Then I started thinking…”Oh, no! What am I going to do after I graduate from school? Am I going to pursue a career in writing…Or something else?” That triggered my thoughts to start down a different path.

I wanted to write, but things like school, music practice, and other activities got in my way. Then I realized…uh, school, music, and other projects weren’t getting done, or if they were, just not to the highest standard I knew I could achieve if I really put my mind to it. I wanted to write…I wanted to be a writer, but in reality, I’m a high schooler, who for right now, needs to enjoy life, discover new opportunities, and get that Algebra 2 done!

In the grand scheme of life, I don’t need to panic over whether or not I write during the day.

Of course, I’m not saying to throw your writing schedules out the window but evaluate. Are you finishing the other things in life that you enjoy or need to do? Are you doing them to the best of your ability?

In the next weeks and months, I’m going to be evaluating and praying a lot about what the next step in my writing should be.

Although this post will hopefully encourage older readers, my focus is on you guys between 9th grade and up to graduation.

Schedules are crazy! Even when you do have a bit of time to rest in the evening, you want to read a new book or spend time with your family, not hit your head on the computer keys trying to figure out the plot of your next story.

What I’m saying is…Unless you have a publisher who keeps calling about your manuscript progress, take a break! Get into your school-work or other projects and put your all into them. Enjoy life, without making unrealistic writing deadlines.

What I am going to say next might make you fall over, or run from the room in absolute terror…What if you don’t publish your next book for a few years! Gasp

Believe it or not, well-known author Laura Ingalls Wilder didn’t start writing her famous book series until she was in her 60ties!

Guys, don’t plan your life around your writing at this point in your life! Keep a writing schedule by all means and try to get your next novel published but don’t be so focused on it that you miss out on other opportunities!

Who knows, you could become a best-seller author one day, but for now, take a week-long break…Enjoy some ice-cream and a movie with your family.


If you’re like me, you can’t stay away from writing for long. Rest up those brain cells and take time to evaluate where you are in your writing journey!

I’ll keep you all posted on the different incites I have while on this writing break!

So here we are, at the end of the Writing Well Series. I hope you enjoyed each of the posts.

Now it’s your turn. As readers, what would you like to see posted here each week?

~ Laura

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  1. Hey there Laura! What wonderful sense you make!  I fully agree with your observation that Life is meant to include many adventures and experiences, not have but one focus.   Seems to me your common sense is just what teens need to be reading and is thought-provoking for us all.  I also find your conversations with yourself endearing.  Keep up the good work, my dear, maybe picking one day a week to write/read/immerse yourself is the answer…?   Wishing you much success as you explore your many talents to their fullest! Love and a hug,Mrs. Cox

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