Beautiful Things Celebratory Giveaway!

Good morning all!

Today is the day the giveaway begins! As if I needed to tell you. 🙂

So what are we celebrating you may ask…Three things. First of all, Memorial Day!

Unlike the First of July which celebrates our independence, this day is for celebrating the men and women that have served and protected our country from those who would have tried to take our freedoms away. It’s also a day for thanking God for His mighty protection and hand of guidance on our country. We can also use this day for telling our family and friends how much they mean to us.

The next two things were celebrating this week are…the first anniversary of my Beautiful Things Blog, as well as the publication of my first book, Even in the Grey! Exactly one year ago, I published my own book on Memorial Day. 🙂

Onto the giveaway!

It may seem silly to some to run this giveaway from the 22nd to the 26th, but it will give others enough time to learn about the giveaway and enter!

Answer to Questions You Might Have –

Anyone can enter both giveaways if they want to!

Giveaway will end May 26th at midnight Eastern Time. Winners will be announced May 27th.

You can share this giveaway to earn more entries!

You leave your first name and email address each time you enter with an entry!



Grand Prize – Rafflecopter

Second Prize – Rafflecopter


Any problems or questions…contact me through the contact page or leave a comment below!

~ Laura

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