Gettysburg Trip

Hi, everyone!  I hope you all had an awesome Saturday. 😁

Earlier this October, my family and I went on my senior trip to Gettysburg, PA!

Me on Little Round Top at Sunset

We stayed at an AirB&B and despite some of the interesting quirks this lovely, refurbished, 100-year-old farmhouse had, we enjoyed every minute of it…(Quick tip – If you ever own an AirB&B, please, I repeat please do not use memory foam for the mattresses on the beds.  Using memory foam can result in serious side effects such as an uncomfortable night sleep, and a stiff back.  Memory foam is not the best choice for a mattress!) 🤪


We arrived in Gettysburg on Tuesday and after a great supper, we headed to bed.  The next morning we woke up at 5:20 A.M. so we could watch the sunrise from the Pennsylvania monument.

So beautiful!

Later on in the day, I dressed up in a Civil War costume and went up to Little Round Top to take some lovely sunset photos.

Funny story…There were lots of tourists on top of Little Round Top when we took these shots.  I almost laughed out loud when I heard a guy say, “Wow, they even have people dressed in period-style clothing up here,” as if he thought I was part of the Little Round Top experience. 🤣

At Devil’s Den
I’m shocked to see an iPhone in 1860.

I had a lot of fun with my family on this trip.  From waking up super early, to somehow being convinced to purchase a book on top of Little Round Top from a couple from North Carolina, I will always hold the memories I made dear.


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  1. Love these pictures! No joke, last time I went to Gettysburg, there was a guy following us around that apparently thought I was some sort of tour guide…because I was (very animatedly) explaining everything to my family, lol! Hope he didn’t mind getting an ear full of everything from the South’s point of view on Pickett’s Charge XD

  2. Wow! You need to give your photographer more credit…cause some of those pictures are awesome 😂 An iPhone in 1860…would would have thought!

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