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Rebel Angel: By Laura Guenot  The young Rebel knelt by the stonewall, listening to the cries. He looked across the battlefield, tears springing to his eyes. They were dying, both Blue and Grey, and no one was willing to come to their aid.   The Rebel pressed his hands to his ears, trying to block out… Continue reading Poetry…



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SCRUNCHIE GIVEAWAY & 3 Years of Blogging — the striped plaid

Want some adorable scrunchies and other cute creative things?  Check out this giveaway being hosted by Hannah from the Striped Plaid Blog! GUYYYYSS! DID YOU SEE THE TITLE?? ^ Eeep, I’m so excited for this! I absolutely can’t believe it’s been 3 years since I started this blog. It’s amazing to see how it’s grown… Continue reading SCRUNCHIE GIVEAWAY & 3 Years of Blogging — the striped plaid