Giveaway!!!!! Mustard yellow-colored backpack Fall blanket scarf A cute candle   $10 Starbucks card You heard it right, folks!  Head on over to Cassia Elisabeth's blog to check out the amazing fall giveaway she is hosting! Click on the link below and find out more about this giveaway!  Don't forget to enter. 🙂 FALL THEMED GIVEAWAY🍁

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SCRUNCHIE GIVEAWAY & 3 Years of Blogging — the striped plaid

Want some adorable scrunchies and other cute creative things?  Check out this giveaway being hosted by Hannah from the Striped Plaid Blog! GUYYYYSS! DID YOU SEE THE TITLE?? ^ Eeep, I’m so excited for this! I absolutely can’t believe it’s been 3 years since I started this blog. It’s amazing to see how it’s grown… Continue reading SCRUNCHIE GIVEAWAY & 3 Years of Blogging — the striped plaid

Description Challenge #1

Description Challenge #1

I wasn't what you'd call 'good with kids.'  I always did everything wrong.  When I picked them up, they'd cry.  When I tried to make funny faces, they'd scream.  When I attempted to feed them, they'd catapult the food right back at me...ugh...Let's just say my relationship with little tykes wasn't something I was proud… Continue reading Description Challenge #1

Autumn, Photography!

~ Frost ~

Hi, everyone! When I stepped outside this morning I was delighted to see frost!  I got out my cellphone and didn't hesitate to snap a few shots.  I also included in the slideshow below some other autumn pictures I took.  Enjoy! Have you gotten frost where you live?