Description Challenge #1

Description Challenge #1

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I wasn’t what you’d call ‘good with kids.’  I always did everything wrong.  When I picked them up, they’d cry.  When I tried to make funny faces, they’d scream.  When I attempted to feed them, they’d catapult the food right back at me…ugh…Let’s just say my relationship with little tykes wasn’t something I was proud of.  That is why I was terrified at the thought of my wife and I’s baby coming in November.  How would I ever survive? Would the kid just scream in terror the moment I walked in the door for the first time?

I sat down on a box and slumped over.  Did every new father feel like this?

I ignored the first tug on my jacket, hoping whoever it was would go away.  I didn’t feel like talking to any of the guys right now.  They’d only tease me about my fear of kids.

Another tug on my jacket and a wail.

I looked up.  A little girl with tears streaming down her face stood beside me.  I grabbed the ends of my hair and pulled.  A child…A crying child.

“Uh—it’s alright, honey.”

She cried harder, holding out her muddy hands to me.


I looked around to see if anyone was with her.  No luck.  She was most likely an orphan, her home bombed to pieces by the Germans.  Poor thing.

“It–it’s alright,” I said quietly.

She thrust her hands toward me again, blue eyes meeting mine.

“Hug—” She shuddered through a sob.  “G’wive me a hug.”

I froze.  Was a child actually asking me for a hug?  Me, the one who always made kids wail?

“Hug.” She said again, grabbing hold of my uniform.

Awkwardly, I pulled her into an embrace, patting her head.  She snuggled against my chest, sobs growing quiet.

I held completely still, unbelieving.  Was I actually comforting a child?

Looking up at me, she smiled. “I ‘wike you.”

“Uh, yeah.  I like you too.”

She pressed close to me again, and before I could convince her to get down, she fell fast asleep.

…Maybe I wasn’t really terrible with kids.



7 thoughts on “Description Challenge #1”

  1. This was so sweet! And I’m sure he’s awesome with kids 😉 And I agree with AbbyRose…this WOULD make a good book or short story…XD

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