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Tag…You’re it!

I know I never do tags, but I decided I should get into the habit of doing them more!  They make for some fun and informative posts!

This week, I was tagged by my good blogger friend, Kassie from Soldier Girl Stories.  Kassie is an amazing author and an encouraging friend.  You haven’t already in the course of your life, check out her book, “O To Be Like Thee!

Today’s tag challenge was to list ten things that make you happy and tag ten others!  As some of you know, I’m a rebel about tagging people.  I don’t like doing it, so while I’m not tagging anyone feel free to list some of the things that make you happy in the comments below.

First of all, I’m not sure if happy is the right word.  I feel like happy isn’t really a state of mind.  I know, some of you might think I’m crazy but I’m actually serious.

I prefer to use the word joy.  A list of things that bring me joy!

1. A cup of hot, creamy coffee. 

2. Cats…They’re my favorite animal.

3. Christmas!

4. Snow…

5. Giving Gifts

6. Reading

7. First Drafts…Without them, there would never be a book. 🙂

8. Cooking

9. Journaling

10. Writing

Of course, this is just a short list of all the things that bring me joy!

What things bring you joy?



12 thoughts on “Tag…You’re it!”

  1. Wow! I really enjoyed that post Laura! I liked seeing some of the things that bring you joy and the first draft…ahhh it makes so much sense!

  2. Great Post , I love and enjoyed it! 👏❤
    1. A Cup of creamy coffee for me too!/Being in a vintage coffee shop.
    2. Reading, definitely/ being in a quiet place.
    3. Walking around in the forest.
    4. Cold weather/when it snows. 🙂

  3. I love this list! I may post something like this on my blog… we will see! (Assuming the “tag you’re it” title means that anyone can post this??) However, in the meantime, these are some things that bring me joy: 1. Sunrises, 2. Reading God’s Word, 3. Writing, 4. Tea, 5. God’s Creation, 6. Family, 7. Sign Language, 8. Photography sessions, 9. Christmas, 10. Thanksgiving! These are not in order! Loved this tag!

  4. Oh this is a hard question to answer.
    Here is my list:
    ~Friends and Family
    ~A warm crackling fire with a cup of coffee
    ~The Bible and God
    ~And all things happy

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