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Veteran’s Day…Poem 🇺🇸

He lays there in the wet sand, staring up at the blue sky. Every breath is a struggle. 

His crimson life drains out onto the beach, mingling with the lives of a thousand others.

As the light around him shadows, he thinks back to the start of the day. 

When the boats had hit the beaches, the choice has never been more clear.  

Obey the call of duty, and give your life for all you hold dear. 

Heart pounding in his chest, the soldier’s feet hit the sand. 

On his right and on his left, his buddies fell one by one as he ran.

Both seawater and tears soaked his young white face as he pressed on.  He would not waver.

The light is growing dimmer, and the soldier cries for comfort.

Gentle hands touch his face and slowly turn him over.  

A young medic, with careful fingers, examines his wounds, then groans.

“There is nothing you can do for me.” The boy chokes.  “But please do not let me here alone.”

With a tender look, the medic nods and gently cradles the soldier.

“Go ahead,” He says softly.  “Rest easy now, dear boy.  You’ve fulfilled your duty like a man.”

The soldier lays back against the strong arm, breath growing shallow.  

The medic looks upward to the sky so blue, holding the soldier tight.

Today had not been in vain…

For on the beaches of Normandy, freedom had been gained.

By – Laura Guenot

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Take the time to thank a Veteran today!  Without their sacrifices, we wouldn’t have the lives we have today.  🇺🇸  Happy Veteran’s Day.





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