Description Challenge #2

Description Challenge #2 – Warrior


Courage. It is more than a feeling. It is an act of will. It is searching the innermost parts of your soul and finding the reserves of strength that don’t come from your own power but from something greater.

As a warrior princess, I need courage. I need bravery. The enemy is strong, the foe dark. The fire of the dragon can sear even the most valiant heart.

Only a few gallant warriors wield the sword of the King. They may suffer wounds, and scars without number, yet they are mighty because even though they may lack outward bravery they have courage inside. Courage of the King. Courage that outlasts bravery.

Some of us may seem small, and others will laugh at our efforts, but they know nothing. They fight not against the lion seeking to devour, instead, they choose to throw down the sword of the King and join the devour’s wicked ranks.

More often than naught, we may falter and feel weak. Failure in battle will happen but we do not lose hope because the King forgives all treason.

Soon the end is coming. I will lay down my bow and arrows, and the gleaming sword engraved with the words of the King. I will exchange my soiled clothing for a garment of pure white and I will find rest.

But for today, I must fight


Dear Reader,

No matter what you are going through God is with you! Some of you may be going through painful situations or just the daily stuff of life that can sometimes overwhelm you.

Know you are not alone! There are others fighting the same battles and winning victories. Trust and rest.

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13 thoughts on “Description Challenge #2 – Warrior”

  1. Wow! Someone needed to hear this today. Keep writing and encouraging other warrior princesses and perhaps a prince or two.

  2. “But for today, I must fight.” 💕 That is so inspiring somehow. Also, that description of courage… 😍 and did someone say WARRIOR PRINCESS??

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