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A Monday Moment – Getting Back on Track…

You curl up on the sofa, pulling the soft blanket up around your shoulders.  Light snow falls outside the window, blanketing the grass in a white cover. You take a sip of your coffee, savoring the hot drink.  Leaning back against a pillow, you pull another book off the now small stack of Christmas Break Reads.  While you are opening the book and turning to the first chapter, your phone buzzes with a notification.  You glance at the message and stop short.  LAST DAY OF CHRISTMAS VACATION.

Something inside of you falls.  That joy you felt just moments ago crumbles into a pile.  This is the last day.  Tomorrow means getting up early, cleaning your room, school, chores…etc..

While you aren’t a lazy person, your inward self groans at the prospect of having to get back to actual life.  Your warm blanket begins to get too warm, and you can hardly swallow your coffee.  Thinking of everything that needs to be done, your book suddenly becomes less important.  Getting up, you start making lists, cleaning things, all that snug Christmas cheer has completely been washed away by reality.


I know that was a little far fetched, but have you experienced something similar to this when you realized Christmas break was almost over?  Something inside just falls apart when you realize Christmas is officially over.

Maybe it doesn’t happen to you but it does to me.

It’s hard getting back on track after a wonderful, relaxing vacation of doing nothing other than sleep in, read books, play games, spend time with family, and watch movies.  It’s like you’ve been in another world this whole time, and now you’re being knocked back into a world of reality.

I’m not trying to make it sounds like regular life is boring but in a way, it can be!

Yes, you heard that right.

Life can be boring and tedious if you treat it like that.  Especially if your attitude is in the wrong places.

Recently I’ve begun to notice more and more that I’m the kind of person that tends to have a level of happiness depending on what I’m doing.  Instead of looking for opportunities to have joy, I’ve sort of let circumstances define my attitude.

I’ve realized this is happening now…as Christmas break is coming to a close.  I’m letting the circumstance of ending holiday vacation distort my attitude so that I’m less thankful for the time I got to relax.

This morning, I realized that I need to change my view on how I let stuff dictate how I’m going to feel…another one for my New Year’s Resolution list!

Starting back to normal life after vacation can be really hard.  I’m sure all of you have experienced it in some way or another.  You feel like all the specialness of Christmas is gone…But it isn’t!  Christ lives on in our hearts all year round and He certainly doesn’t want us to mope around until next Christmas break.

We shouldn’t let circumstances affect our level of joy.  I know that is so easy to say but extremely hard to live out.

Because of Christ, we can have a living joy every day!  Yes, we might have challenges or stressful events occur but we shouldn’t wait until things are fun or relaxing to start rejoicing!

I encourage you today, as Christmas has really, officially come to an end, to write out a list of everything you can rejoice in!

I challenge you to change your outlook on what’s coming up on your calendar.  Instead of bemoaning the fact that the fun is over for a little while, grasp hold of those new opportunities to show joy!

Don’t let your outlook of life become boring or tedious!  Ease back into your regular schedule with grace and patience.  Rejoice each day in the blessings of Christ, and forge on ahead to serve Him in this New Year!


Goodbye, 2019…

Hello, 2020!!!



6 thoughts on “A Monday Moment – Getting Back on Track…”

  1. That’s a very relatable feeling! And so true– that was very inspiring! Thanks Laura!

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