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DIY Post!

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Happy Wednesday afternoon everyone!

Guess what!!! I’m here today with an all new DIY post!  Guys, the last time I did a DIY post was June 25, 2018!  Seriously?  I need to work on that.

Creating beauty is what I love to do best!  Hence the blog name…Beautiful Things.

Yesterday, while I was stuck at home because my car wouldn’t start…(E’hem), and with the snow falling outside my window, I suddenly got the inspiration to make a beautiful little DIY…


With just some paper and glue, I turned this ordinary box into this…A beautiful earring holder! It cost me $0 to make unless you count the paper I bought a while ago! 



– Directions –

1. I started with a small, cardboard box.  It doesn’t have to be small.  It can be any size you want depending on how many sets of earrings you have!

2. Find some pretty paper.  You can even try to match the paper to the color/decor of your room.


3. Using a ruler and pencil.  Make a strip to put around the middle of the box.  You might need to use two-pieces if the length of your paper isn’t long enough by itself.


4. Run a glue-stick over the carboard to coat it with glue.  Press your paper and glue it the entire way around.  Make sure there are no wrinkles in the paper.  It needs to be smooth.


5. There isn’t exactly one way to do this, but the basic idea is to COVER the box with paper.  I did it this way, but you can do it whatever way works best.  Just cover the cardboard.


6. Use paper strips to cover the bottom.  You don’t have to but it looks better!


7. After covering the box with paper, take a pin and poke holes into the front of the box.  These holes are where you are going to put your earrings through.  You might need to make the holes for your hoop earrings a little differently than for studs or dangles.  Make sure your holes are far enough apart so that your earrings don’t crowd each other.  Again, this is up to you depending on how many earrings you have, or how neat you want it to look like.  Don’t put any holes too far to the top of the front of the box.  You’ll catch the little flap that goes down into the box to keep it shut.


8. Waah-La! Your own earring holder!  (See those little holes near the top?  I should not have done that.  The earrings would keep me from opening the box.) 


9. All you need to do is insert the earring into the box and put the back on.  The front of the earring will stick out and the earring back will be inside the box.  Pretty simple!

10. Admire your work!  It looks good, doesn’t it?


I hope you enjoyed that very quick DIY post!  Let me know in the comments below if you’d like to see more DIY posts!



14 thoughts on “DIY Post!”

  1. Very pretty! And creative! And you already own more earrings than I have had my entire life!😅 Sorry about the car battery- especially since I was the cause of it.😔

  2. Laura this is AWESOME! I have been looking for instructions for something like this! I will have such a fun time making it! Thank you! It is so beautiful!

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