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Hey, Looks Aren’t Everything!

She scrolled through the fifth blog she had looked at that day.  Cute pics, catchy post titles, amazing graphics…again.  Why did everyone else’s site look more professional?  More epic?

Discontent pricked at her heart as she longed to have a website that looked breathtaking!  She wanted people to be blown away whenever they explored her site.

With the sudden urge to “make it better,” she immediately went to her site options, looking through the different website themes.  Possibilities were limitless!

Quickly, she picked a new theme and without first trying the new site and seeing what it would look like, she hit publish, activating the theme for her site.

Instant terror filled her when she checked out her “new site.”

Everything was ruined!  All her graphics were discombobulated and her bio and author picture had disappeared.  None of her comments showed, causing her to believe they were gone forever!

She tried everything to get her site back to what it had been.  Nothing worked.  Nothing.  Soon, she was crying, devastated that her beautiful site was gone.  In wanting to be different, she had lost what she took so long to create.

This story is true…it happened to me a couple weeks ago.  Thankfully, after contacting the wonderful blog support people, I was able to get my site back.  Whew!

Now I’m not saying it’s wrong to improve your site or strive to make your blog the best it can be, but what are your motives?

Are you scrambling to make your blog look more professional because you’re embarrassed by the way it looks now?

Are you afraid you won’t attract subscribers because people will think your site looks childish?

What is the purpose for your blog?

Is it to share encouragement with people who might be struggling, or are you trying to impress people?

Are you trying to share your gifts in a creative way, or are you just chasing after fame?

While it is important to keep your blog looking good, and continually strive for excellence, we need to make sure we’re focusing on the right things.  Think about why you have a site and what you want to do with it.  It’s your site!  It doesn’t need to look like everyone else’s.  The important stuff is what you write.  How you encourage people.  Who cares if your blog seems un-cool?

If you’re doing your best and working hard God will honor that.  Don’t try to be a people pleaser.  Be thankful for what you have and for the people that faithfully read your site.

The look of your site isn’t what’s going to change people’s lives…the words that you write will.

– Laura



11 thoughts on “Hey, Looks Aren’t Everything!”

  1. “The look of your site isn’t what’s going to change people’s lives…the words that you write will.” AMEN, LAURA! Thank you for this needed reminder. ❤

  2. Beautiful reminder! Thank you. (And your site is so pretty, girly! Don’t ever down yourself!

  3. Your blog is awesome Laura ! I think we all feel like that sometimes . I’m so glad you were able to get everything back !

  4. Laura, I think your blog looks like a very Christian site and that is better than a site that carries bad news! I think that your blog will effect many people! Keep up the great work!

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