Are You Interested?

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You think fairytales are all about kings and princes,

Fair maidens with golden hair and rich jewels adorning their dresses. 

Stone castles of great wealth,

Victorious battles and valiant knights,

But have you ever heard the story,

Of a girl so strange and plain,

Who appeared on the heights of Glafford,

Stone-blind and without a name?

Her dress was torn and ragged,

Her black hair all askew.

Those sightless eyes held a pain,

That nobody could understand.

She was not your usual girl,

The ones that star in the fairytales.

She had a gift that others envied,

And a heart as good as gold.

But who was this maiden,

Who came from nowhere? 

Who won the heart of a village boy.

Should we even care?

If you are curious and want to know this tale,

Search no further but down below,

And be captivated by this very un-fairytale-like girl.

Black and White Crown - Shutterstock

Part 1: Adira

Adira pulled the satin covers up to her chin, breathing in the scent of lavender and rose oil.  A soft breeze ruffled her curtains and she sighed contentedly.

Today could not have been more perfect.

A beautiful cake, gifts, a ride through the orchard.  Her eighth birthday was going to be remembered for a long time.

Reaching up, she fingered the delicate chain that held the silver pendant set with eight white diamonds.  It had been a gift from her beloved father.  Upon opening it, her grandmother had fretted over her having such a gift, afraid she would lose it or have it stolen.

“It is alright, mother.” Her father had said, laying a gentle hand on her arm.  “My little girl is growing up.  She will take care of it.”

That is what Adira loved about her father.  He also believed in her.  Smiling, she carefully twisted the silver chain around her finger.  To own such a beautiful gift was unbelievable.  She had received expensive gifts before, but this—This was something special.

Lying in her four-poster bed, Adira ran the day’s events through her mind.  All her closest friends had been there, even uncle Edgar.  A shiver ran through Adira.  Uncle Edgar hadn’t acted like his usual self.  Ever since she had known him, he had been an exciting fellow.  Telling her grand stories about knights in faraway lands, and fair maidens with golden hair.  He was her only uncle and because he was much younger than her father, he seemed more like a brother.

Today, he hadn’t told her any stories.  They hadn’t had any pirate adventures down by the pond.  Instead, he had sat in a chair all day long, watching the festivities with a frown.  There was another man with him too, a man Adira didn’t like.  He had missing teeth and smelled bad.

Despite his strange friend, Adira had tried to make her uncle forget whatever was making him upset, but he didn’t seem to notice.  Instead, he had asked strange questions.  How many servant entrances were there and where did they lead?  Was there any secret hiding places in the castle?

She had answered everything best she could.  Wondering if he was planning another adventure for her.  Oh, well.  If he wanted to be sullen and sit around on their holiday she didn’t care.  She was going to enjoy herself and every minute she had with her father.

Adira started awake.  She hadn’t remembered falling asleep.  The last thing she had been thinking about was all the things she had planned for her father and her to do the next day.  Boating, riding, visiting the village to hand out pastries to the peasants.  She settled back in bed, letting the cool breeze from the open window wash over her.  Life was perfect.

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“Is she asleep?”  

Adira shot up in bed, heart pounding.  Someone was in her room.  She saw shadows near the balcony.  Whoever it was couldn’t see her, because the bed was in heavy shadows.

“Be quiet, fool.  My niece has always been a light sleeper.”  

Adira bit her lip to keep from crying out.  Her uncle!  Why was he in her room?  Lying back down, Adira pulled the covers up over her head.  Maybe she was dreaming.

Shuffling feet neared her bed.

“She’s asleep, Edgar.”

Nope.  This wasn’t a dream.  The voice near her bed belonged to Uncle Edgar’s strange friend.

“Lets keep it that way.  If the little imp starts screaming, it will be both our heads.”

Adira pressed a hand to her mouth, tears starting in her eyes.  She wasn’t exactly sure what her uncle had just called her, but it stung her in a way she couldn’t understand.

“You sure we should do this tonight?” Her uncle’s friend asked.

“The only time I’m invited to my brother’s castle is if his precious daughter is having a birthday.  He no doubt wants to rub what he has in my face.” 

Adira heard her uncle say a bad word.  She scowled.  Wait until grandmother heard him talk like that.

“It’s time I rule.  If we put her away now, by the time my esteemed brother dies, everyone will have forgotten about the little princess.  I will have the throne of Entriea and no one will be able to stop me!  I’ve spent years coddling the girl and never once has she shown any desire in letting me get as close as her father.  I once believed I could win her over and I would allow her to be a servant in my kingdom if she behaved herself.”

“You’re a generous man, Edgar.”

“But, the little wretch has shown she would most certainly protest my ruling the country, and because she is the princess, the people would listen to her.”

“You can’t kill her, Edgar, she’s your niece.  You share the same blood.”

“You don’t know what I’m capable of.”

“Then you intend to—“

“Put her away—For good.”

Adira couldn’t take it a moment longer.  She had to warn her father.  She had to get help.  As the two men continued discussing their plans, Adira slipped from her bed and onto the cold marble floor.  If she could make it to the door, she could call for the guards.

Inch by inch, she made her way along the wall.  Please don’t let them see me.  Please don’t let them see me.  

She passed her hand against the wall.  The door was there, someplace.  Everything looked different in the dark.  The doorknob, finally.  She turned it.

Black and White Crown - Shutterstock

What do you guys think?  Are you at all interested in learning more about Adira?














12 thoughts on “Are You Interested?”

  1. I’m definitely wanting more of her story! I had to completely stop trying to multitask and devote all of my attention to this story! 😉

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