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It’s Almost Spring!

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I know I may be a bit early, but I am super excited about spring!  I love the warmer weather, and those little green blades of grass poking up through the brown dirt.  I feel energized by the sun and the sight of the azure blue sky, anticipating the bursts of green color that will be arriving soon. Bright Spring Flowers - 3:4:20

After receiving wonderful feedback from everyone concerning the story part I posted back earlier in February, I’ve decided to go ahead and continue it!  Be looking for another story part this weekend or early Monday.  But, be warned.  If you think you’re going to find out what happens to Adira in this next section…You won’t.  You’re going to meet someone else…

Bright Spring Flowers #2 - 3:4:20

Also, I’m going to be doing some serious thinking about this blog.  I want it to have a purpose.  I need to chart out a plan for my site and think about the new kind of content I want to share.

If you have any ideas at all for things you would like to read about please contact me through the contact page!  I’d like to know what you’re interested in seeing.

Have a wonderful day and talk to you all soon!

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4 thoughts on “It’s Almost Spring!”

  1. Hi Laura, 

    I enjoyed your MARCH design.  🙂 Just a thought in response to your request for blog suggestions– You’re so in the midst of Nature where you are.  Feels like Nature is all around you.  So many people have only a backyard, and some don’t even have that.  You’ve got the woodland critters and the pets and the woods and the waterflow and pond–and your mud pits–yipes!!  To share what you routinely experience would be pleasing to the city reader, and the urban reader too.  Having those things in the background is a possibility, but also writing a story that presents a problem and a solution all because of where you live, would be fun to read, I think. I also think you’d enjoy exploring writing poetry.  There are so many ways to write poetry.  It can just be free-thinking, taking out the mundane and putting in powerful, descriptive words.  I’m playing with that for myself right now and loving it.  🙂  Maybe you could start by blogging about some poetry you’ve been inspired by. As for a story idea–I’d enjoy you telling a story about Luke moving so far from home to accomplish his dreams and develop his talents.  How hard that must have been for him!  Or making it a story about you moving away, and all the adjustments after living life on your family hill!   I’d probably change the character names and the details a bit.  It doesn’t have to be actual facts, unless you want it to be.    Hugs,Mrs. C

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