Farm Life, New Arrival!

New Arrival!

Hey, everyone!

Look who was hatched this week!…Miss Fluffy


Born yesterday, this adorable little chick stayed hidden underneath her mama until today.  I took my camera out this afternoon, hoping the chick would be out but she wasn’t.  Disappointed, I decided to leave them alone, but then something caught my eye.


I was so happy to see the chick popping its head out of mama’s feathers!


After a bit, the chick came the entire way out and I got some awesome pictures!




She started falling asleep I think…


Mama eventually got upset with me and pecked my camera lens.  I decided to let them alone.  Miss Fluffy needed her rest.


Little Miss Fluffy crawled back under her mama for her afternoon nap.  She was the only chick to hatch out of the eggs her mother was sitting on.  We are so glad we have this new little addition!  Chicks are adorable!

Purple Laura Name - Shutterstock 3:4:20

16 thoughts on “New Arrival!”

  1. She is adorable!!! My dad actually took me to buy chicks today from Tractor Supply! I think it would be so neat to have a mama hen though and to watch an egg hatch! What kind of chickens are they? We got leghorn! We were going to get Isa brown but they were sold out.

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