A Bit of Disappointing News

Hey, all!

I hope that you are enjoying the Springtime weather wherever you are!  A few weeks ago, my grandpa told me about a bird’s nest in a bush next to their porch.  I went and peeked into it and saw four beautiful Robin eggs.  Yesterday, I went back to take a look and it appears that the baby birds might be hatching!  I’ll share some photos with you all soon!  Here is a picture of the eggs themselves.


So, the disappointing news.

For some reason, no one can really leave reviews on my new book Marcus: A Soldier’s Story on  Only one person has successfully been able to leave a review and I’m so thankful for that!

I have no idea why Amazon isn’t allowing people to leave reviews.  I tried contacting them but I didn’t really get an answer and what they said made no sense.  I ran into the same problem before when I published Even in the Grey so I don’t know if it is just my books.

As you can guess, this is really disappointing because I don’t know how many people might have tried to leave reviews but they didn’t go through.  I apologize if you were one of those persons.

If you’d like to leave a review for Marcus: A Soldier’s Story, I would be thrilled to post them here on my published work page!  You can also post a review to Goodreads.

If you’d like to leave a review, head on over to my Contact page and write your review there.

Thank you!

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8 thoughts on “A Bit of Disappointing News”

  1. Hey, Laura! One reason that a lot of people are unable to post reviews on Amazon it that they ,simply do not buy “enough” from sellers to be a “reputable customer”.
    So, just a hunch, but thought it might help… : )

    1. Thank you, Noah. Yes, I heard of that but someone I know who has been using Amazon for a long time tried to leave a review and it didn’t work. Oh, well.

  2. Oh no! Technology can certainly be complicated sometimes… 😬 Did you publish on KDP? I may do a review on my blog if that’s alright since Amazon isn’t working (I’ll also send one in!)

  3. Hi Laura, You are amazing granddaughter. Keep up the great work on your stories.I love reading them!

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