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My Favorite…and Least Favorite Things

Good evening everyone!  I was nominated by Beka, from PhotosbyAbbyRose to do a 10 favorite and 10 least favorite things post!


Let’s get started…

10 Favorite Things:

  1. Munching on ice cream sandwiches while watching a good movie.  (You can also eat ice cream sandwiches whenever…move watching not necessary. 😉
  2. A new book and keeps me turning the pages!
  3. Hot morning coffee with cream.
  4. A fuzzy robe.
  5. My kitties.
  6. Stories…the ones floating around in my mind, begging to be put down on some paper.
  7. Summer activities.
  8. The magazine subscription my brother got for me for Christmas!  Brio Magazine – Focus on the Family.  A magazine that encourages young women to grow closer to God and gives them tips and ideas for fun activities.  
  9.  FaceTime
  10. Suprise Flower Bouquets.


Dun, dun, dun…Now on to my Least Favorite Things.

  1. Squash…guys, it’s gross.  Let’s be real.  Nothing improves it…Not even raisins, lettuce…(Inside joke only family will get). 😜
  2. Drivers who don’t turn their turning signals on before changing lanes…Okay, I know people forget but there must be a lot of forgetting in this day and age.
  3. Books that don’t have a climactic ending…*Cries*
  4. Getting tossed off a horse…actually, happen…*Ouch*
  5. Medium or light roast coffee…Dark Roast is theeee best!
  6. Aquatic beasts with sharp teeth aka, sharks…I have absolutely no clue why.  Never even seen a shark in real life.
  7. Summer Camp
  8. Ice coffee, cold coffee, sugared coffee.
  9. Hot dogs.
  10. A new pair of shoes that fit when you were in the store but suspiciously got smaller or larger when you arrived home.


Well, that is it for this post!  Did you guys enjoy this blog tag?

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10 thoughts on “My Favorite…and Least Favorite Things”

  1. Now you’re making me crave ice cream sandwiches!!
    Squash, yeah, I’m with you… and our family has a running joke about lettuce being a barely respectable vegetable, so 😝
    “A new pair of shoes that fit when you were in the store but suspiciously got smaller or larger when you arrived home” is so weirdly specific and relatable… 🤣

  2. Oh thats so sad you didnt like camp and oh my goodness yes i got a pair of sneakers and then they were wayyy too big(lol now my friend is enjoying them)

  3. Hey,Laura. Nice post. I like dark coffee as well, and do like sugar in mine
    I once had a traumatic experience with squash… I had to eat it…

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