Two Posts in One Day!…That hasn’t happened since…Uh, I actually don’t remember. :)

Guys…I’ve been thinking about my new WIP.  After some deliberation with myself and my writing advisor…aka Best Brother in the World, I think I’ve finally decided on a story!

I don’t have a lot of information to share right now except a title and a few short excerpts.  I’ve been wanting to write this book for a while now but it’s kind of been on the back burner due to life and my proficiency at procrastinating.

Title: Tarnished Gold.

Yes, I am aware that gold doesn’t really tarnish.  It’s not about gold essentially, but about life.  About mistakes, about forgiveness…We’re all tarnished in some way, but God is refining us.

Main character: Abigail Bryant or Brandt…or a completely different last name.  I’m not sure at this point.

Location: California in the 1800s and Boston, MA.

Very short, rough, story excerpts, full summary to come: 

He winced as he attempted to maneuver in long legs beneath the desk.  I glanced away, telling by his flushed cheeks that he was embarrassed. Willie snickered, and I sent him a withering look.  I didn’t need him and his silliness adding to the situation.

I tapped my foot nervously beneath my desk.  Was he the only older student?  How was I supposed to stand here and teach a boy my age or older?

“Eh—good morning class.” I desperately tried to remember what I had planned to say.  I hadn’t expected this.  I thought I’d be teaching children.  Little boys and girls.  Why on earth did this bother me so much?  He was just another student.  “My name is Miss Abigail Bryant.” I paused.  Would it be better to introduce myself as Abby? 

I received several blank stares as if using such a long title was uncommon around here.  “Call me, Miss Abby.” I grimaced.  What would grandmother say?

I caught a slight movement from the older boy in the corner.  He lifted his head for the first time and looked at me.  It was him.  The boy that had saved me from being accosted by those ruffians the day I arrived.


Abbie flung a shawl over her shoulders and ran outside. “Willie, wait!”

He kept walking. “What’d you want?”

“Will you stop walking?”


Abbie let out a frustrated sigh. “Fine then, I’ll walk with you.”

Willie spun around. “Is this about what I did at school today?” 

Abbie nearly ran into him. “No, although I wasn’t happy about finding a mouse in my desk.”

Willie snickered.  “You sure hollered.”

Groaning, she shook her head. “This isn’t about that.  I wanted to ask you about that boy, Jeb.”

“What about him?”

“How old is he?”

“Dunno for sure.  Sixteen, maybe.”

“Do any of his siblings go to school?”

Willie rolled his eyes.  “No.  He’s only got, one brother.”

It’s definitely in its infancy, but I hope to share more soon!

Also, the wonderful support for my new series entitled Set Sail has blown me away!

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