Fourth of July Poem

I’m not a master of poetry, but I had some words in my heart to share today.

I wasn’t there when it began….So I never got a chance to thank all those men.

Some were young, and some were old,
But they fought without being told.
In their hearts there beat a song,
Of freedom for all and chains for none.
They left their wives, sweethearts, and daughters,
To give their lives to make things better.
Some fell and some were wounded,
Some came home with scars unseen.
They fought long and hard, for seven years,
The drums, they’d remember, ringing in their ears.
They wept over a brother or a fallen friend,
Vowing to make things better and bring the war to an end.
Wives, sweethearts, and children watched and worked,
Waiting for the dawn to come.
The gentle souls became the force behind,
Rallying their men on.
They plowed the fields, they kept the house,
They prayed with fervent tears.
They fought the war with broom and needle,
Stepping up and taking the place of those faraway.
Together the nation rose as one, to fight for a distant dream.
Now the flag flies high, red, white, and blue.
It symbolizes a peoples’ fight for what was right and true.
May we always remember those who fought,
And gave up life and love,
To preserve a nation for a future generation,
and to free a land long bound.
There stands a cross at calvary,
A wounded man nailed there.
Who gave up life and love for His people,
and to free souls long bound.
This fourth day of July, do not forget,
Those who lived before,
And remember that because of Christ,
We have hope forevermore.
Happy Fourth!
Purple Laura Name - Shutterstock 3:4:20

3 thoughts on “Fourth of July Poem”

  1. So beautiful and so true. I was reading this to Pap and could hardly contain myself as the tears were coming just thinking of back then.

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