Set Sail Pt. 3


Will Devon: A rebellious young man longing for freedom and adventure.

Enna Seacourt: The a young woman who aches for what has been lost and struggles to love her father.

Klavan Seacourt: Enna’s Father.

Rhett: A conniving bully.

Freddie: A free spirit who likes to have fun.

Heath: A quiet boy who Will doesn’t understand.

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Enna crept from her room.  The ship was silent, save for the dull murmur of the drinking men below deck.  Quiet waves lapped against the sides of the ship, the noise bringing a small source of comfort to her.

She wasn’t supposed to be on deck after dark but she couldn’t help it.  She couldn’t stay in her cramped corners another second.  She had to get out and breathe the night air, even if it did smell like brined fish.

Strands of red hair that had escaped her braid brushed across her face as she looked out over the rail of the ship.  The city lay in the distance, the warm yellow lights twinkling like faraway stars.

Enna had last seen the city six years ago, on a warm summer evening.  She had been sipping a cup of tea by the fire when two men burst through the front door and dragged her away to the ship her father had stolen.  One moment she was there, the next she wasn’t.  Even her real name was lost like the city she had loved.  No longer Meriella, but Enna, a common name.

She could still see the big beautiful house, the green yards, the flower beds.  Her own room at the back of the house that looked over the city, and her personal library, filled floor to ceiling with her books.

It seemed like a lifetime ago.  The city of Eddington was like a distant dream now.

The sounds of booted footsteps made Enna freeze.  She sank back into the shadows.  A small amount of relief lifted her mind.  It was only her father.  Enna shivered.  He was with her father.  The man that made her skin crawl whenever he was around.  He had only started serving her father three years ago, but that was plenty enough.

“You need more men.”

Enna clenched her fists.  She couldn’t stand his voice.  It was like metal grating against metal.  Cold and rasping.

“And t’where do you suppose I’ll be a’gettin these men?”

Enna wished with all her heart she had now stayed in her room.  She hated this.  Seeing her once strong father dancing on a puppet string, being controlled by this man.  Couldn’t he see it?  What proof could she give her father that this man was no good?  That his schemes were going to get them all killed.

“There is always scum crawling around the wharves.  Drunks, half-wits, men looking for trouble.”

“And ye want me to put ’em on me’ ship?”

“Dangle gold in front of them and they’ll do as you bid.  They have grievances against the city, just like you.  Give them a chance at revenge and they’ll come crawling towards you.”

Enna nearly choked.  That’s just what they needed. Drunks and men looking for trouble.  If she were braver and could take her father with her, she’d jump over the side of the ship this very moment.

“The treasure.  We must find the treasure.”

“We will.” The grating voice said.  “But you need more men.  You’ll never get through the waters of Tropoly or across the lands of Decar until you have an army.”

“I don’t want an army lad.  I want me’ treasure.”

“Men, Klavan.  I’ll go to the wharves and gather a force so large you’d be able to storm Eddington twice over.”

Enna buried her face in her arms.  She had a father who no longer seemed to have his wits about him, and a man looking for revenge.  Why did her life have to be so complicated?

Will didn’t care if he disobeyed his father.  Not anymore.  He was tired of living beneath his father’s old fashioned direction.

He shut the kitchen door softly and hurried out into the side street.  He peered around the side of the house to make sure no light showed out the window off in his father’s study.  It was dark.

With a smug grin, Will quickened his pace and turned and slipped quietly down the darkened street toward the alley.  They’d be there tonight, the three friends he had made this year.  Rhett, Teddie, and Heath.  They knew all the secret places in the city and where to get the best brew.

As Will slipped into the pitch-black alley, he heard the scuffle of shoes.  Good, they were already here.  He didn’t relish waiting around in a dark alley by himself.

A powerful fist grabbed the front of Will’s jacket.  “What took ya so long?” It was Rhett, the leader, and the one that liked to scare Will.

“Were ye help’in yer mama make scones?” Teddie snickered, throwing a punch at Will’s arm.

Heath was somewhere.  He didn’t talk much and it unnerved Will a bit the way he always crept around.  You never knew what he was thinking exactly or what his next move would be.

“Yer wast’in our time.” Rhett snarled.  “Ya think we like hanging out in the alley waiting for some rich brat to come along?”

Will swallowed hard.  He knew better than to defend himself around Rhett

“I forgot the time,” Will said quickly.

Rhett scoffed.  “Better not do it again.”

“Yeah,” Teddie added.  “Better not do it again.

Rhett slapped the younger boy’s head. “Be quiet.”

Will shrugged uncomfortably.  When were they going to get to the fun?  He didn’t like standing around here in the dark with Heath sneaking somewhere behind him and Rhett and Teddie treating him like some buffoon.

Then why are you here? 

Will froze.  No.  He wasn’t going to start letting his conscience make decisions for him.  He was sixteen, plenty old enough to make his own friends.

Are they really friends?

Will bit his lip.  I’m no listening to you.  “Are we going to do something or what?”

“Finally,” Teddie whined.  “Let’s go, Rhett.”

Rhett cuffed Teddie’s head again.  “I say what we do and where we go.  Got it?”

Teddie cowered by Will’s side.  “Yeah.  Sure whatever you say, Rhett.”

You can go home, Will.

Will threw an arm around Teddie’s shoulder and nodded towards the oldest boy.  “Let’s go have some fun.”

As the boys moved down the alley and towards the heart of the city, Will felt a brush of something against his right arm.  Startled, he turned and saw Heath walking next to him.  Will didn’t know much about the taller boy, except he didn’t go to the same school as he, Rhett, and Freddie, and he didn’t like to talk.  In truth, Will wasn’t even sure where he came from.  The boy had just shown up with Teddie one day.  His clothes were rough and dirty as if he had found them in the scrap piles lying in the alley and he was none too clean either.

Will glanced up Heath.  The boy might be unnerving, but there was something in his green eyes that made Will wonder.  Why was he with Rhett and Teddie?  The most reckless and misbehaved boys Will had ever known.  Heath seemed innocently naive despite the fact that he crept around like a sneaky cat.

“Whatcha wait’in fore?” Rhett hissed over his shoulder.  “Come on you two!”

Heath’s eyes narrowed but he didn’t look at Rhett, instead, he looked straight into Will’s eyes.  “I’m warning you, Will.  You should go home.” With that, Heath turned and hurried after the other two boys.

Will followed slowly.  Heath’s warning hadn’t been a threat, it had been concern.  What on earth was going on?  He couldn’t go back now.  Rhett and Teddie would make fun of him.  Rebellious thoughts flooded his mind.  What good would it be if he went home like his father wanted him to?

Ignoring Heath’s strange behavior and his words, Will hurried after them.

Not sure exactly where I’m going with this story yet.  All I can say is it has been so much fun just to write…anything!  I think I’m attempting to make this story more historical fantasy.  Nothing too weird, just a story set in another land.  Sorry if it feels disjointed.  Like any first draft, it’s going to have its share of plot holes and confusing sections.

I hope you all enjoy it!

~ Laura



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  1. Wow, I’m really getting into this story Laura! what if Heath and Will end up joining Enna’s father and his quest for his treasure?

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