A Post of Many Pictures

Hi, everyone!

So I promised two weeks ago that I was going to do a post “soon”. I guess this is soon enough. ðŸĪŠ

I have to be totally honest. In the past month or so I haven’t had any blogging inspirations. I’ve been sort of in a rut when it comes to posting. Truth be told, that actually isn’t a bad thing. To any bloggers out there who feel like they are going through a quell in their blogging, don’t be discourage or think you should stop blogging because you have nothing to write. Wait a little bit. Read other people’s blogs to refresh your blogging spirit. Just because you don’t have any post ideas, that doesn’t mean you won’t next week or next month!

I also have to be honest and admit—I’m naturally a lazy person. I’d much rather read a book or watch a movie, or do whatever instead of blogging, at least in my mind. My heart really wants to write and post but sometimes there is a little battle going on and the lazy side wins—Working on that friends. 😉

As you can guess from the title of tonight’s post, I’m going to share some autumn time/life pictures. Enjoy!

Such is the new norm…
I’m not sure what the cat thinks about being photographed. 🙂
Finally got a riding helmet. Did you know that only a small percentage of people actually have a round top of their head? The tops of most people’s heads are oval. It took awhile for them to fit and order a helmet because I have a, guess what, round head. 🙂
“Weeeeee! Look, I’m not falling off!!!”
Early morning at the pond before leaving for church. 🙂
A glorious sunset driving home. I pulled over to take this picture…don’t worry guys. 🙂
As the geese fly south…
Delicious soup on a chilly autumn day.
Evening fire.
Nightime fire.
Lovely little raindrops and a photo bomber!
Smiles on a morning walk.
Pick me!
Beautiful graduation flowers from a sweet friend. 🙂
I played Marguerite from the Scarlet Pimpernel in two scenes for a summer theatre camp. My last theatre camp to be an actor.
Not sure what I’m saying or thinking here.

Farewell for now!

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