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All That I can Be

I’m not honestly sure what I wanted this post to be about. I guess maybe I wanted to encourage everyone to use their time wisely.

I waste a lot of time literally doing nothing. I browse the web, watch youtube videos, do anything other than what I should or actually want to be doing deep down. It’s a pandemic. Being lazy and not really aiming toward any goals. I know not everyone is like this. Some people are so organized that they have a schedule for every minute of their life.

Recently I’ve been thinking about my personal goals. What do I want to do? Do I want to just sit around?

I’m not talking about going out and saving the world or something, but I’ve been realizing that I need to use my time wisely and more maturely. I need to be using the resources God gave me to be productive and encouraging. I don’t know if the anticipation of upcoming holidays has put me in this kind of mood but I’ve been seeing how my life has been kind of blah. Not because of circumstances but because of personal choices and my attitude.

I have a choice. I can start pursuing my interests and start writing (because that’s what I’m good at,) or I can sit around and keep saying I’m going to do stuff.

It’s time for us all to really see the areas of our lives that we’re ignoring because it’s too tough to change.

I want to challenge you that as the holidays approach, to look at yourself and consider if you are using your time wisely and being all that you can be.

God Bless and get to it!

8 thoughts on “All That I can Be”

  1. Great post dear! That’s something God has been showing me this year! I’m excited to move forward with my goals after some family events are wrapped up 😉

  2. Ahh this is like me 24/7! Thanks for posting about this and reminding us! This year is crazy and this is so important to remember!

  3. Ugh – conviction of my laziness is so uh, well convicting! Thanks for reminding us to number our days.

  4. As always, such a good, encouraging, and stretching reminder. Thanks, Laura! I love your posts like this and am excited for more!

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