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Happy Thanksgiving!

Hi, everyone!

I know this post is several days late but honestly, I was just enjoying the holiday and long weekend and wasn’t thinking about posting at all.

Our Thanksgiving was nice and quiet. Unfortunately, we weren’t able to have any family or friends over because of COVID-19 concerns.

I slept in…because, who doesn’t sleep in on a holiday? My mom was already busy cooking some stuff in the kitchen. I’m so thankful for my sweet mama! She got up at 6:00AM to put the ham in the crockpot! Dedication, folks. 🙂

I actually didn’t have a big hand in getting our Thanksgiving meal ready. I set the table fancy and got to spend some time talking to my Dad in the living room.

We had a late lunch and it was so good!

We had ham, extremely delicious turkey, creamy mashed potatos, Brussel spouts sautéed in apple juice and sprinkled with crispy bacon, rolls, cranberry sauce and…
Pumpkin pie and chocolate cream pie! Sorry, didn’t get a photo of the other pie. Isn’t this pumpkin pie perfect? It literally had no fault lines or anything!

It was a really peaceful Thanksgiving. I literally fell asleep after lunch. It was nice to get some extra rest!

Despite everything going on in the world, we have so many things to be grateful for. I could list hundreds of “thankfuls” in this post, but for your sakes I’ll only name three.

  • The chance to have an actual graduation and party this year despite everything going on.
  • My job and everything it is teaching me.
  • The joyful anticipation inside my heart for Christmas and all the season has to bring.

I know you all know this but it is so important to have “thankfuls” all year long…No, I’m not sure what “thankfuls” means but it’s sort of a fun way to remember our blessings. Every morning you get up, what are my thankfuls for today? What are my thankfuls for right now?….

If I’m not making any sense it’s because I got up at 5:20am for work…..

Anyhow, I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday!

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