A Monday Moment

Monday Morning Quotes

New week, new Monday. Be amazing this week, be motivated and do something useful.  #lifeinspiration #motivation #Inspiration #quotes #monday

Let’s be real, no matter what we do or how “prepared” we try to be the night before, Mondays are always super rough. Not sure what it is about the start of the new week but everyone everywhere always has that same feeling inside…Just a few more minutes and then they hit the snooze button.

Weekends are always awesome! Getting to stay up late, usually sleeping in, and then having a nice Saturday are always something we look forward to. Believe me, when Sunday night rolls around I’m always a little bit sad, 😒 and anxious for the next weekend.

Is that any way to live though?

No, of course not, we all know that, but it’s hard to remember when those school or work days seem to drag on, especially in the late spring/early summer when it’s so nice out or the pool is finally warm. πŸ˜‰

I wanted to try something new every Monday and post some inspiration type quotes to encourage and uplift you as you start your new week.

3 Free printable motivational quotes. #quotes #camitidbits #motivation #create #dream #determination
Happy Monday!

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