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Making Your Space Special (cleaning and organizing) – Room Edition

Hi, all!

Summertime is here and with a new season we often feel the need to change some things up. I wanted to do a short room edition series to help everyone make their room a comfy retreat!

I know during this busy time of year, it is easy to get overwhelmed and feel like you’re going to one activity after another or helping with this summer thing or that. You might spend hours doing yard work, or perhaps you have a part time job that you enjoy, but leaves you feeling exhausted by the end of the day. You are nearing the end of a great vacation and feel a bit sad about going home.

Where am I going with this.

Well at the end of a long day, all of us will end up in the same place. Our bedroom. A cozy little retreat after a busy day.

Did you know that the state of your room depends on the quality of your rest? I mean, that’s my opinion. Think about it though, if you have stuff laying everywhere, clothes piling up, sheets that haven’t been washed for a few weeks, how do you expect to be able to relax?

Now there is a difference between an extremely dirty room and just a messy one. Some of us might be more of the set it down, put it away later kind of people. I’m talking about when you room is so messy and disorganized you just want to shut the door and never look in again.

If you want your room to be a nice retreat after a long day here are a few things to consider.

  1. Do I have too many belongings?

Over the years it is easy to accumulate. Trophies, jewelry boxes, shoes (some of which don’t fit), clothes (again some of which don’t fit), old childhood toys, etc.

Consider going through your belongings. Can you throw anything out? Donate? Perhaps you can just get a few bins and sort and organize.

2. Your clothes are haphazardly hanging in your closet or spilling out your drawers.

If you like fashion in may be easy to store up too many clothing selections. I would encourage you to sort and see if everything is still your style. Donate still wearable items and throw out things with holes or stains.

Fold things before putting them back in you drawers.

One thing I like to do, and you certainly don’t have to organize to this extent, is try to hang your clothes up based on color. This helps you pick out an outfit quickly.

Volunteer woman holds donation box with ... | Premium Vector #Freepik #vector #people #woman #green #box

3. Move everything around and wipe down surfaces. Don’t forget to vacumm!

If you decided to go for it and give you room a mighty clean up, I would encourage you to move everything and wipe down surfaces. You’d be surprised at the amount of dust and perhaps pet hair that you’ll clean up.

Vacuum!! I really dislike vacuuming for some reason and so does my cat. If you are cleaning up your room don’t skip this important step. It can be easy to do if you think you can’t see any dirt on your floor. Sweep with a broom in the corners or use the hose attachment on your vacuum.

The Dustpan Set has a rubber edge that forms to the surface for a cleaner sweep up and easily stores in the handle of the dustpan. Scoop design securely holds dust and debris. Rubber edge forms to surface for cleaner sweep up. Brush with squeegee sweeps heavy or wet messes. Easy storage brush fits securely in dustpan. | Dustpan and Hand Broom Set | 1764

4. Consider rearranging your room if possible.

| Hollywood Glam Master Bedroom |
If you are super into this room rearranging you could even draw a diagram!

Make sure if you are living at home and if sharing a room, you get your parent’s approval as well as your siblings’. Rearranging your room can be a fun sibling activity! If your sibling isn’t up to it, ask them if you can rearrange your part of the room, or if you could do it and surprise them with the end result!

Moving a bed or a dresser to a different spot can make a huge difference in the layout of your room. I have a custom bunkbed, so I can’t really do that but I rearranged my dresser and a large leather chair to make my room more cozy. I have a large cat cage where my kitty stays at night. I call in the kitty house. He crawls up in his swing and sleeps there. I can’t really move this either so I try to keep it super organized and cleaned up.

Also, before moving anything, please get help. Dressers and beds are heavy and you could hurt yourself. I’ve tried moving furniture before and hurt my back a bit. My sister often helps me and enjoys teasing me about my lack of muscle. 🤓

5. Decor

So this post is getting a bit long and I know everyone loves decor, but you’ll have to wait till next week for that post!

Bedroom // Home Decor // Interior Design // Apartment // House

I hope this post was helpful. Don’t get discouraged and also don’t let Pinterest cloud your vision for your room. Pinterest should be used to give you ideas but please never think your room isn’t as good as a picture. Everyone has different tastes, and styles, and budgets. Also, Pinterest rooms are like super staged and I’m confident they shove everything in the closet! 🤪 Be realistic while you dream up new room ideas.

5 thoughts on “Making Your Space Special (cleaning and organizing) – Room Edition”

  1. Hi Laura, you have some great ideas.! I hope these do help someoe in need to clean and straighten up their room.

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