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delving into different genres

I used to stick to just one genre, Historical fiction. I kid you not. I would end up checking multiple titles out of the library or purchase on Amazon and jump into reading them at once, realizing later that so many of the books had almost identical plot lines and were cheesy. (No offense to those books, by the way. They were entertaining but not engaging.)

Thankfully, over the years, my taste in Historical fiction improved, and I started reading more enriching tales that were hard to put down and made me think a bit more. In other words, it wasn’t just “fiction candy” but something I could feel inspired by.

To be honest, I was very hesitant about reading different genres. I didn’t think anything else would interest me, so I didn’t try reading other types of books.

It wasn’t until recently that I really started opening myself up to different books. I started liking modern-day fiction more and more. I felt better able to relate to the characters, the themes, and ultimately the story itself.

Several years ago, I read the Ilyon Chronicles by Jaye L. Knight and fell in love with medieval fantasy. (Note: I am not a fan of dark fantasy, meaning I’m not too fond of heavy amounts of dark magic or demons or things like that.) There are different kinds of fantasy, so do be careful when it comes to choosing those kinds of books. 🙂

I’m sure you are getting tired of my literary autobiography, so I will get to the real point of this post.

Don’t force yourself to read one genre. If you are interested in reading a different kind of story, go for it! There truly are some fantastic and inspiring reads out there for all ages. You just have to be willing to explore, and hey, if you borrow something from the library and end up disliking it, you can just return it! (I guess you can do that with most online stores too. Hehe!)

Reading one genre does limit you and your perspective on life. Reading multiple genres from multiple authors gives you a more well-rounded perspective as an author, a person who fancies themselves an author but hardly writes (uh, I’m talking about me), or just someone who likes reading in general.

I would throw in a note of caution. Be careful in your selections of books. I recently purchased a book only to realize from the reviews and by researching online that it probably wasn’t a book I’d enjoy or even want to read because of content. I’ll have to see when it arrives. Thankfully I can return it.

If you are considering reading a book written by a non-Christian author, make sure you do some research on the book. I’m not at all saying secular authors are bad writers, but sometimes secular books can deal with some more mature topics, or they include some material that just isn’t suitable or beneficial to read. I’m reading a series right now written by a secular author, and they are so far very good. I won’t go into my opinions of the books right now and talk about what I wish were different about them, but I am enjoying seeing a story from a different perspective.

I hope this post was beneficial and informative! I know some people may only desire to stick to one genre for many reasons, and that’s fine, but if you are even at all interested, try something new!

8 thoughts on “delving into different genres”

    1. Why, of course! It was fun writing this post, especially since I haven’t done one for forever! The hardest part about blogging is coming up with post ideas and being satisfied with the fact that your readers are satisfied by the content!

  1. Hi Laura! This was so fun to read! I love how every post you make, you try to inspire and help others! It’s so nice.

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