Description Challenge #1

Description Challenge #1

I wasn't what you'd call 'good with kids.'  I always did everything wrong.  When I picked them up, they'd cry.  When I tried to make funny faces, they'd scream.  When I attempted to feed them, they'd catapult the food right back at me...ugh...Let's just say my relationship with little tykes wasn't something I was proud… Continue reading Description Challenge #1

Autumn, Photography!

~ Frost ~

Hi, everyone! When I stepped outside this morning I was delighted to see frost!  I got out my cellphone and didn't hesitate to snap a few shots.  I also included in the slideshow below some other autumn pictures I took.  Enjoy! Have you gotten frost where you live?

Tips for Life

Ways to make upcoming holiday breaks not all about you!

Aren't holiday breaks amazing? An extended weekend during Thanksgiving?  A wonderfully long break at Christmas?  We look forward to these breaks with anticipation, ready to escape from our crazy world of business and take some time to relax.  I know when Thanksgiving and Christmas break roll around, I find myself thinking of all kinds of things I can… Continue reading Ways to make upcoming holiday breaks not all about you!