Hello, faithful readers! Beautiful Things is back...even though it technically never left. 🙂 I know some of you are patiently waiting for Echoes of Honor to start back up again and it will...This Saturday! I also have a new definite posting schedule! Be on the lookout this Saturday for not only Echoes of Honor, but… Continue reading


A Question of Loyalty ~ Blog Tour (My Review)

Hi, everyone! I'm here today to help spread the word about Jesseca Wheaton's newest book in the Questions of War series! Guys, if you love WWII fiction, you NEED to read this book, and probably the entire series---(so you know what's going on.) Are you ready! Announcing...the...third, soon to be released book in the Questions… Continue reading A Question of Loyalty ~ Blog Tour (My Review)

Echoes of Honor

...Though I Walk Through the Valley... ________________ A Week Before… It was survival…They would have killed him if he hadn't agreed… Locked in a dark room with no furniture other than a cot and chair. The rope they had used to keep him from fighting back as they tortured him, lay tangled on the floor.… Continue reading